Tfw no gf

tfw no gf

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Die faggot, you killed this board once, go to /r9k/.

The classic

fuck she's super cute
right in the heart ;-;

Her sister is way way cuter.


How do I talk to girls?

Her sister.

Coomers ruined reddit9k. I haven't been on that tranny board since 2014.

You dont. Just grunt, worked for our ancestors should work for you.

This, make sure you offer them a bloody deer carcass as well.

Just hit them at the back of their head and take them to your lair.


Her sister. Sis-ter. Her sibling of the female kind. Very cute and prettier than her.

It's almost 2020, we're all doomer mode now, where have you been user? You can swallow the honk pill if you like? Yes?

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drop her insta, faggot

If that's your standard for a gf, that's why you're alone.

Only faggots want gf's, the guys who get gf's usually just want to fuck. Be the latter OP and stop being such a fucking faggot.

I don't spoonfeed but since you asked nicely.

post sister pls :3

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>le doomer

Kys, faggot

I just checked again. She deleted the pic from her insta because the dude were creeping on her lmao.



There's no reason to devote your life to a wet hole.

such is life. guess I'll have to find a girl in the real world then.

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How long until sexbots, lads?

You are an empty and worthless existence. You are literally a nigger.

Only if you come with

Says the faggot