How many boiled eggs can you faggots eat in a row?

How many boiled eggs can you faggots eat in a row?

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At least 10. Which is more than you

How many do you have ready?

12. The trick is to dip them in soy sauce


my mom doesnt let me eat them anymore after the incident.

Eggs are disgusting. Only whites can stomach that bullshit.

Prove it

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I can barely eat one without feeling sick. I can drink 5 raw eggs in 1 gulp though because I feel cool like rocky

no one can eat 50 eggs

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user stop being silly.

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At least 6 or 7, depends on if it’s deviled or not.


>When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs
>Every morning to help me get large
>And now that I'm grown I eat five dozen eggs
>So I'm roughly the size of a barge

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Deviled? You insult me. I'm talking normal hardboiled eggs.

Do deviled eggs count? They 12ish before I get sick.

I prefer lash eggs

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I take 6 to 8 hard boiled eggs, put them in a large peanut butter jar and mash them with a fork, add fine choped onion & cucumber and a red viniger dressing then put the lid on and shake it up to mix

Can't buy then with food stamps?

I'm not sure but the man told me to eat all of the eggs...


All of the eggs

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idk prob all 12. just give me something to drink