All boards watching the meltdown and revival report in!

All boards watching the meltdown and revival report in!
/s4s/ here

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Sup Forums standing by
you aight janny bois

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/tg/ standing by
Ready to roll

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Second from Sup Forums

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Sup Forums has a thread or two about ya

Sup Forums watching degenerates burn

Sup Forums here. Good job faggots.

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Sup Forums reporting in

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/k/ Here. Thank you, Jannies.

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/r9k/ here, couldn't have come sooner since r9k is getting flooded with trannies and nigger dicks

Red wings standing by!

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/k/ommandos reporting in
glad to see this place have a return to quality content.

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/hoc/ is here to save the day, also

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Sup Forums reporting in
the mods and jannies are much better here

/His/ reporting in

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/His/ reporting in!

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oldfag turned Sup Forumstard returning for duty

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A toast from /toy/

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Sup Forums reporting in

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/asp/ reporting in

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Sup Forums reporting in

Sup Forums

/K/ommando 3 standing by

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Sup Forums standing by

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also /ck/ dropping in.

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Sup Forums standing by

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Sup Forums standing by

I love you, Jesus Chr- er, I mean, Mods

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/jp/ in

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/bant/elope here

Hey porn posters
Knock knock

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Sup Forums standing by

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/fit/ here, havent been on Sup Forums for the last 7 years or so

can jizzus come back for xmas?

/an/ standing by

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Sup Forums spook doing my spook shit
brb, need to post another nigger superiority thread so I get the right to go on a tobacco break for 15mins

Sup Forums here
The mods have redeemed themselves

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Sup Forums here, save us next

/mlp/ standing by

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Sup Forums checking in

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/fit reporting in

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/trash/ is present. I would post my stuff but I don't wanna get banned

/mlp/ standing by

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/sci/ standing by

/aco/ standing by

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/k/ reporting in.

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getting ready

/r9k/ NEETing in

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/bant/ermensch here

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Sup Forums here having a good time.

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...we're home.

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vg here, I brought the liquor

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/s4s/ also. This is lit and based and epic

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/fit/ standing by

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Fuck Sup Forums
You alt right faggots are next

/biz/ standing by

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You god damned right

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/biz/ reporting in

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Tell me a stock to buy

Sup Forums reporting in

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Sup Forums logging in, glad to see they finally rm'd the coomposting. Mods are gods tonight.

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One more /k/ommando

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/fa/ reporting in

/x/, reporting
Porn prohibition is good.
Kill all coomers.

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/mlpol/ frens standing by
This is a party we won't sit out

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/f/ reporting in.

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Yeah, I think we're back.

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Sup Forums au rapport

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now is not the time to fight brother, we must celebrate!

He C U T E

Sup Forums leader standing by

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Sup Forums standing by.

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how are you people still alive

/mlpol/ack on my first deployment. This is fun!

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/K/ standing by

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oh no, please do not ban porn on Sup Forums. oh whatever will we do

/vp/, reporting in

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I shoulda guessed you'd just recommend me shitcoin

Sheer willpower and a desire to poni poni. HEIL!

/s4s/ is the real Sup Forums

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/bant/ standing by

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/lit/ standing by

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i dont have a home board

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No ban Sup Forums off Sup Forums
Deport. As they say.

Yours is /qa/

vanguard admiral 500


/bant/, good to go!

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/u/ standing by, ready to lock s-foils in attack position.

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Shrekchan in

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/vr/ reporting in!

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im ok with that

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/x/ reporting

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the only active user on /3/ reporting in

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>Bans porn
>Faggots still remain

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any of you /k/omrades oldfag enough to remember /k/ - Politics or nah

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Sup Forums here to laugh at seething coomers