You faggots will argue about anything. Which shape is better?

You faggots will argue about anything. Which shape is better?

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shapes 1, 2 and 4 are the same


shape 4 best shape

Anyone who like shape 3 is a nigger

2 because you can make reimann sums the others are weirdo shit or bland

3 is better for space travel therefore it us universally superior

No they're not you dumb shit. They all have 4 sides, but different names.

3 is a spaceship and would shoot the other shapes to death

rhombus is best

Circle duh.

shape 3 would fit the best in your ass

You can make Riemann sums with any shape you calculus 2 nigger

GTFO of here with your euclidean space

2 is best

4 because it's symmetrical all others are shit.

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for m, its the circle

Shape 4 is the best.

none. the circle

3 obviously, not even a fucking question

1 2 4


shape 3 reminds me of loli cunny so that's the best one


I like pentagons ...
OP is a faggot

Shape 4 obviously.

>shape 1fags
Just shape 4champs that want to be special snowflakes.
>shape 2fags
Only braindead retards like trapezoids
>shape 3fags
Star Trek kiddies

Shape 1 just has a certain flair to it.

Where tf is circle at that one is the best shape

>You faggots will argue
No one is arguing at all because we all think we're right. You assumed wrong bitch.

I believe what he's getting at is that shapes 1 and 2 with a bit of reforming can become shape 4.

1st, because it has enough axes of symmetry to be pleasant, but not enough to be tacky (looking at you you fucking 4 faggot)

shape 1 is shear beauty

Trapezoids are just triangles having a party and everyone knows triangles are the strongest shape.

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shape 4 is for fags who wanted to pick the most phallic-resembling shape on the list.

thats what an argument is stupid faggot

pointybro can stab anything you got

Shape 3 is superior. All other shapes are for blue pilled reddits

ofcourse 3 retard!!!11! 1,2 and 4 is just for nigger fuckers

shape 3 cause it looks like a paper airplane



Shape 2 is the obvious, any imbecile with half a brain could see that it's the most functional of all the other shapes, rendering them inane in its mere presence, would you rather have shape 3 in your home? I wouldn't think so.

fuck you

This is a psy op to distract me from the pornz. 4 is clearly the best shape. It may not be most aesthetic but efficient. Suck it


I will fucking shove shape 3 up the ass of anyone who thinks that shape 1 is the best shape. It fucking sucks and I hate you if you like it.

3 because this motherfucker is going to space


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A rectangle is an incredibly versatile shape. I love rectangles, haha! Most of my friends are rectangles. I'm typing into a rectangle and I love it - it just wouldn't feel right typing into, say, a parallelogram, or dare I say it, a trapezoid. I could certainly see myself inviting a rectangle into my home. Maybe treat it to a nice cup of hot chocolate and make it feel welcome to eat anything out of my fridge, or fuck my wife. I'm a big fan of rectangles. I've got a soft spot in my heart for rectangles, and I think you ought to as well, haha!

Thanks Mods!


2, it's closest to a triangle so it's the strongest

shape 1 is an edgy cunt
shape 2 is a circumsized triangle ergo jewish
shape 3 is tryna be special so its a cunt
shape 4 is the only true choice here and if u disagree u can fucking fight me 1v1 in cs, knives only

holy trips have blessed this thread

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Shape 4 is for spineless cowards that want nothing but the boring ass consistency of spending 24/7 sitting in front computer jerking it to anime girls

anyone who doesnt choose shape 3 is a literal retard

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3 is closer to a triangle so it wins it even has 4 triangles in its shape thats 4 more triangles than 2, 1 or even 4.

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>all these euclidean faggot losers ITT

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chevron or nothing, faggots

Shape 2 is unique, yet not too polarizing like Shape 3 which tries to deseperately gain your attention. Shape 1 and 4 are extremely boring.
So I'd go with Shape 2.

Shape 2 is superior because its balanced yet aggressive. Perfection.

Shape 4 you goddamn nigger
what, are you seriously going to defend something called a T R A P E Z O I D?

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3. It’s clearly faster than the others.

i bet its the horsefuckers come back to haunt us with shit taste. TRAPezoid, tRAPEzoid
its got 2 of their favorite things, traps and rape. We must remove all horsefuckers in this thread

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Shape 3, check

More likely a Trekker


Shape 3 is too phallic, MODSSSSS

Shape 3 is a triangle

Shape 3 obviously. Anyone who disagrees is a gigantic faggot

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