Rekt thread

Rekt thread

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Based dogos

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>You may have struck me down this day, but it is I...that shall have the last laugh!

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That's fucking metal

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is this when the dick eating dogs come in to play next?

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Dude looks pissed at the people filming

No porn. At least I can still jerk off to rekt threads.

Makes me feel better that my biggest problem in life is that my heat pump is broke

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dude someone drop a fucking rock on his head already, holy shit

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Whew lad. I can watch people sliced in half, head's lopped off, any of that shit, but anything involving eyes, or watching a limb get broken bugs me for some reason

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story? in b4 nerve gas


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Nigga took it like a fucking champ

the filename lmaoo

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Lil dude trying to put his guts back in :(

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story on this?

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> yakkety sax intensifies

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yeah thats the webm name dumb nigger

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How about just don't be a goddamned retard

I worked in a car parts plant for 10 years, never got so much as a cut

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dumb fuck deserves death sentence for driving like that

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Seeing a rekt thread after b has been purged of coom niggers makes me so fucking happy.

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Well shit what did he do??

>Cop: *sigh* Hmm, wonder what the weather will be like today

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Thats an huge ass rat.

this made me kek harder than i should have

Truck of peace

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He's gonna do a superhero landing

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Sweep the leg

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That's like a $30 dildo

Fuck yeah

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Probably crashed, jfc

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Koksal Baba will fuck your shit up.

>One noted case involved murderer Charlotte Corday who was publicly executed in 1793. According to reports at the time, Corday’s severed head was lifted up by the executioner and slapped across the face. And to the shock of the baying crowd, the victim’s face blushed and appeared angry at being struck.

>But the most famous case was conducted by a Dr Beaurieux who claims a severed head responded to him when he shouted in its face. Beaurieux documented the experiment, conducted on June 28, 1905, with the body part of criminal Henri Languille in his medical journal.

>He wrote: “The head fell on the severed surface of the neck and I did not therefore have to take it up in my hands, as all the newspapers have vied with each other in repeating.

>"Here, then, is what I was able to note immediately after the decapitation: the eyelids and lips of the guillotined man worked in irregularly rhythmic contractions for about five or six seconds.
So yeah, basically you're still alive after a few seconds without feeling nothing

Think that was truck attack in Nice, France


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Turkey's national boxing champion getting ready for the match of his career.