You will not post any of the following outside of Sup Forums:

You will not post any of the following outside of Sup Forums:

Troll posts
Anthropomorphic ("furry") pornography
Grotesque ("guro") images
Loli/shota pornography
Dubs or GET posts, including 'Roll for X' images


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Begone coomhead

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no, i'm posting on b whats ment to be on b. are you too ignorant to read the rules? trucking newfags.

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Instead of being great you become a fat shit who cooms to 2d images.
Also killyourself leaf nigger

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idgaf what i am, i'm having fun and whatever i want. you're the one whos acting like a roody poo canday ass bitch.

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The rules have changed coom 4 brains get used to it

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kys degenerate

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The world is about struggle not enjoyment.
Did Napoleon conquer europe for fun?
Did Alexander conquer the Rome for fun?

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mad cause no brain power to cum up with better insults. i thought you were better than me

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maw, man. i'm a satanist. i enjoy over indulging and worshiping the self. worlds what ytou make it.

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and i bet they fuckin did it cause they were bored and wanted more shit. not causer stuggle. if you really wanna get into it, greed is was makes the world go round.

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they probably did tbh

people are always seeking self comforts. would you be alive if life was uncomfortable?

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im not alone in thinking that, lol

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if you're so for rules stop using a proxy every time you get banned.

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they're not banning me because I'm not breaking any rules.

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Watt the brown guy is licking? His balls are up there

i'm too lazy to proxy.

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no, thats a knot in the cock. brown dude is lickin balls.

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>Implying anyone could be like Napoleon or Alexander

the taste of salt in your mouths is just my coom

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Coomer loser

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i've been jerking off on this board for over 11 years. not gonna let it change today. ill coom until my hand is pregnant

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Coom coom I havent masturbated in three years.

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seems like a personal problem. maybe whip that dick out and give it a good tug.

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Go back to 08, boomer
09 zoomers report in.

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muh hippocrasy

yes and

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Masturbation and sex is for liberals and commies.

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Get the fuck outta here you coombrain. Take your shitty meme fetish to /trash/ where you belong.

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you seem upset. whats the cause of this anger sir? May I suggest masturbating and letting some anger go with the flow?

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Imagine needing to coom to gfur
Oh wait, you're so much a loser you dont need to.

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Alexander did it for fun and got severely depressed when there was no more world to take over.

Every single kind of cancer has it's own home
>Boards for repetitive porn posting:
>Boards for bronies:
>Boards for furries:
>Boards for loli:

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Imagine needing to coom to exist. LMAO!

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imagine calling someone a loser while posting in a gfur thread.

litterally in the rules it says that Sup Forums is the home of furry porn. thats what that copy paste in the OP is. THE FUCKIN RULES

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imagine being uncomfortable with your way of living that you feel the need to try and take it out on others.

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Yeah,you go ahead and struggle and suffer all you wanna,at the end youll die anyways and youll regret not having any fun in life,which is only one,by the way.

Imagine not appreciating another male without needing to COOM. LMAO!

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Imagine needing to COOM so much you need to COOM everywhere you go. LMAO!

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Anger, my dearest cumbrain? Unlike you I'm able to enjoy the finer things in life thanks to my posession of a brain that has not been destroyed by a porn addiction. Might I suggest you release that kung fu grip you got on your dick to clear your head?

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>troll posts
Still allowed
>furry porn
Try /trash/
Probably still allowed, if not maybe check /trash/ or /d/
you're fucked
Still allowed

I fucking despise furfags but this is the most based thread up right now

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The only cure to a COOMbrain is a 9mm and up. You waste your breath on him.

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The fact that this hasn't been deleted but loli and 3dpd are has ABIB written all over it.


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Every single kind of cancer has it's own home
>Boards for repetitive porn posting:
>Boards for bronies:
>Boards for furries:
>Boards for loli:

If you dont jack off to loli hentai you are a normalfag newfag.

stfu furries

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I must appologise, but that kind of low level flip doesn't work on me. You're the one who came into a thread full of things you didn't like to express your displeasure. So, kindly, where on this doll did daddy touch you?

literally the rules of Sup Forums on the RULES page. Unlike you newfags, I've read the rules.

Loli is trash for pedophiles though so its fine

Imagine beeing a COOMER when you can just... Not?

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Oh not only am I a normalfag, but an electionfag tourist from reddit too. Boo!
Fuck off pedo. Your kind deserves the rope.

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Every single kind of cancer has it's own home
>Boards for repetitive porn posting:
>Boards for bronies:
>Boards for furries:
>Boards for loli:

t. newfag
t. newfag
this website is for degenerates you retards go to r*ddit if you cant handle some porn.


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YES! we got one!

How many more Sup Forumstards can we corrupt by the end of the year? Once they get increasingly desperate I am sure the allure of fur will be impossible to resist and they will all become as us


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Pools closed

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>You're the one who came into a thread full of things you didn't like to express your displeasure

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we blue board now motherfucker

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>t. Coomer
Show us on the wolf plush where your uncle touched you.

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because i'm a cunt or because how dumd the fucks that are trying to attack me are?

literally the rules of Sup Forums on the RULES page. Unlike you newfags, I've read the rules.

you're just wasting your time like me and my masturbation. prove yourself to be better than me

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>this website is for degenerates
And every degeneracy known to man has its own board here. Sup Forums is not porn, Sup Forums is random. Until right the fuck now Sup Forums was porn. See the problem dickstroker?

Note: "ZOMG NONE!!!1" applies to moderators as well.

Enjoy your ban.

Not according to the rules newbie.

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Fuck off, capebabby.


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>"Im a coomer LEAVE ME A LONE!!1!1!!!!"

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