So what does renaissance Sup Forums think of Onision being investigated for being a groomer by Chris Hansen?

so what does renaissance Sup Forums think of Onision being investigated for being a groomer by Chris Hansen?

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I just want to know why is it always the super hot guys who turn out to be people you should be most wary of.

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Super hot? Have you seen some of his facial expressions? Plus, his eyes just scream mentally unstable. Hard pass.

because any ugly guy in the same position would do the same thing, it's just that the attractive ones can actually get away with it

he is (was, looks like a corpse with makeup now) looked very feminine which is what the teen girls like

I just hope he won't get banned from YT, I enjoy watching the dumpster fire.
And I sure hope he get's imprisoned, would be a nice drama show to watch. He's a faggot with the coldest takes ever, I don't feel bad for him. All I want is entertainment at his expense.

Ionno, user. This and this: are jawdropping, and way more attractive than I would expect from your average YouTuber (and guy freaking out on camera). It always seems that the more attractive a man is, the more of a jerk he turns out to be. :(

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god why the fuck does he look like thjat

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that is a mask user.

true form^
fucking ogre kike

he kind of is hot in a twilight vampire way. definitely model quality at one point.

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>that is a mask user.
So like 99% of abusers?

I wish that someone competent was investigating him. That motherfucker is an absolute sack of garbage.

If Onision is hot, I must be fucking sexy.

rest in piss faggot
stupid Jewish faggot

but your ugly ass won't post a pic of yourself


Can't Manson the Hanson. Your King Pedo Epstein is gone now and sick fuck like Oniison should see the business end of a bullet


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Lol I got b&


Fuck off with your ecelebs.