Chili flavored top ramen, majority of water drained, 1/2 bag of rushed up tapatio flavored doritos

chili flavored top ramen, majority of water drained, 1/2 bag of rushed up tapatio flavored doritos

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have you ever been to prison?

Looks terrible

how long were you in for?

have you?

Amazing. I've never eaten that, and yet the vomit I just expelled looking at that picture looks exactly like it.

1 year.

Dear god

on a scale from 1-10 how would you rate your stay?

underage ban mods for child mentality of looks = taste.

Dubs and you cum on it.

lost a year of my life/10 that i will never get back while treated as subhuman

I like my ramen with less water.

on the tad bit crunch side.

glad you're free now user, hope life is better.

paypal me $100 and i'll post a pic of me cumming on what is left.

Alright, nigger, have a bite. You can't judge taste by looks, remember? You have to dig in and experience the flavor.

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trips and you eat the cum right now with time stamp

If I was starving...? Hey what not?

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maybe dont do crimes then. it wasn't wasted if you learned something. nigger

tremendously better. i haven't been incarcerated in over 5 years. got a degree and career in finance, a house, money and a phd math wife. life is gewd

maybe... have you?

You likely acted like a subhuman so it's only fair you got treated like one too...


excellent. had a woman I love go through the whole jail thing. she just finished drug court today and graduates in May and I couldn't be more proud. people like (You) are proof that life can and will get better.


Go keto fatass

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I'm referring to your previous actions that resulted in your incarceration, not your life now. Didn't do much reading in there did you?

ive always heard drug court is a real pain in the dick

No, really, go on, nigger faggot. Taste the umami flavor!

You should try these.

Seriously, they're great. Mix with turkey sticks for a more hearty soup. (available on amazon)

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indeed but doubly so if you're retarded enough to use drugs while in drug court. thankfully she wasn't.


do the doritos make it taste betetr user?
can I do this with all water drained?

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puts a smile on my face. i got a random message from my drug addict ex girlfriend a week ago. she attempted to flirt with me/get back at him through me. she told me the guy she cheated on me with and left me for stole, totaled her car then left her for his ex. she also mentioned how they both got hooked onto fentanyl. my only response was "lel rekt" and she responded with "don't even message me again."

Also these are pretty great if you don't like the spicy.

God those are so good

what a stupid bitch. fent will be their death sentence unless they realize there's more to life.

Those are amazing but I stopped eating them because every time the next day im pissing molten lava out my asshole

yeah that's the spicy part, use less of the flavor packet for less spice.

you shouldve fucked her first

this is the popular opinion white koreaboo kpop fan ramen. i've had them, they're good with shredded cheese. i eat the black one. however, not good enough to justify 5x the price increase (10 cents vs 50 cents).

yes, i should have gotten an std and cheated on my current girlfriend.

Not OP but I also eat those ones, the hot one is amazing

oh nvm didnt know you had a gf. cheating is bad. gj

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ok neet who lives in his mothers basement.

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Needs some boiled egg, but looks ok.

do you 100% agree with every law where you live? do you 100% follow every law in your geographic? did you 100% follow every law in your geographic in your past?

personally would prefer adding a 1/3rd can of chili/chili beans.

What no love for the Kimchi ones?

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>do you 100% agree with every law where you live?
for the most part yes
>do you 100% follow every law in your geographic?
>did you 100% follow every law in your geographic in your past?
no and ive been to jail for breaking a law. doesnt mean i dont think they are right or important

Try summer sausage pieces. Great soup.

Yeah. Sometimes a tablespoon of relish, a teaspoon of mustard some hot links, two eggs and a small bag of crushed chips.

We used to make burritos too.

Is it spicey

what pirson are you in
and when did they allow you a phone

is this those things you boil for like 5 minutes?

>what prison are you in
Sup Forums for the past 14-15 years

if i'm buying meat (beef/chicken/pork) i'm going to make a real meal.

If you didn’t have access to a hotpot, you’d have to make a stinger or keep pushing on the hot side of the sink in your cell for some lukewarm water to soak the noodles in.


wasting money is how the poor stay poor
not wasting money is how the rich stay rich

nice one lmao

yo that looks good. prob cuz I've been carb free for like a month now

Obviously. Write a book.

you'd think its obvious to everyone... but based off contradictory action its clearly neglected by most.