Which board can you post loli in now? Or is it just completely banned from the site?

Which board can you post loli in now? Or is it just completely banned from the site?

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Every single kind of cancer has it's own home
>Boards for repetitive porn posting:
>Boards for bronies:
>Boards for furries:
>Boards for loli:

Looks like loli and shota are gone forever
so I guess a mix of bad news and good news

in /trash/ faggot lurk more

lets all post loli in Sup Forums
they love loli at least

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This is the only real loss. Guess it's gone for good.

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Really? Fuck, this was the best place for loli, any other sites you can recommend?

stop being a pedophile

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I heard /tg/ is really into loli.

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just wait a fucking day retard its like this is the first time you've been here when the mods have a giggle

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I don't know any as I do not watch loli. Unless they're eating each others asses/ in 2D

join us

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Just smh

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What a retarded fucking faggot you are. A mental midget. You can't even do a search or some shit? You don't deserve the internet, you spoiled little bastard.

>tfw you unironically tricked me in going to >>>/jail/
Seriously though, where do we go?


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/trash/ you literal pedophile
Or better yet, go to another website


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Don't they accept loli porn on /d/? Just go there OP.

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There is nothing wrong with pedophilia.

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loli being banned from every board other than Sup Forums is a global rule


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loli goes on the Sup Forums's hidden loli board

It's hidden just like how /trash/ is

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how do you say that with a straight face

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Eat my rotten asshole you UK faggot

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just go to sleep, everything wil be back tomorrow

What the fuck? is (REDACTED) filtered?

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Yeah no.
Fuck off nigger

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wait is loli actually banned or just CP?

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>how do you say that with a straight face

Because its hot as and little girls are fucking sexy hot little angels and i wanna fuck them in the ass and cum inside them and kiss them hold them cuddle them and rub my dick up against their hot bodies too mmmm.

You can do that when you're in hell faggot

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Fuck cUK

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Because they aren’t real.

I drew this terribly drawn Loli and her reference is literally a 40 year old accountant I work with I thought would be hot as a Loli

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Fuck out of here, you libtarded cUK

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Fakes, X-rays, Bubble pics, Captioned pictures/wincest pictures, Fap roulette pics/thread BELONGS IN Sup Forums

Need more rules and regulations to keep you protected from naughty pictures?
You kids sure love your safe spaces.....

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You 1st you fucking retard

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Every single kind of cancer has it's own home
>Boards for repetitive porn posting:
>Boards for bronies:
>Boards for furries:
>Boards for loli:

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Suck my right nut faggot.

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to sleep

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Suck my 8 inch dick, you niggerfaggot

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isn't posting loli and acceptable compromise?

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Go directly to jail.
Do not pass GO.
Do not collect $200.

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oh my, you’re a nasty little jew

Daily reminder that if you are anti-pedophile then you are a normie.

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you truly have no idea

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Lurk more, you newfaggot

Just goes to show that normalfags cannot discern fantasy from reality

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