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thx fren
slepy blu fren

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Goodnight guys

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cute sleeps

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good knight


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Nice trips
Not sure why you believe lies, but it's your choice. I'm gonna shower before bed. I hope you lose your umbrella friend and get abandoned.
cute and comfy

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Happy Holidays to all!

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gnight fren hab peacefull slep
berry coot momiji
butt ifb slepy shuuld slep et emportant
yew kallin yor biig bro a lyear. wut!!! dat ruud!!! n berry sad ting two wish, eye hop noww yew onlie hab kold wutar n slip gett stuck beehind toylet
habby xmas two yew az wel

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What did you get for me Christmas?
Maybe too far? But you caused this.

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I'm sorry, but I have trouble reading when people type like that.

I'll give you my heart

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eye ded nuffin. waz beein ice untill yew cam n bulli we
mii bad, eyell tri knot bothar yew
wut a week sqweez putt sum ebil entwo et

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goodsleep sosu

melt, know feeling.. like it

warm good, stay?

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i'd rather put some hugs into the evil

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dat kill we yew smelly baka fren

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hug is, if ok, want
feel sleepy too, if ok

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posting in an epic bread

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It doesn't really matter, I just have trouble reading OwO speak.

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I thought you hated the squishies.
But I appreciate it.
Sorry fren, won't happen again.
Yes, gonna go to sleep so, Just took a shower and feeling relaxed.

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Fine then if you don't want my heart I'll just give you a different gift.
How about a pass to Labor Camp!

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OwO ez furr speakk eye knot a furr. eye dew [s4s]
knot trustt yew. keepin en eye onn yew

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Happy thoughts:
Panda with a monocle

cold... help stay warm? good
have good nighttime!

sleep too sosu

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Are you drunk? No hard labour please.
Ok then fren. I'll win your trust back.

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Okay. I'll pretend to understand that.

I'm not drunk yet, I could drink though.
Oh, there'll be plenty of *hard* labor where you're going.

That's right, the salt mine.

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I can translate ebil messages for you! If you want me to

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howw yew dew dat. yew luuk susspicious especially wiff outt pantz
thx, yew berry ice
icky fren!!! yew bak

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posting in an epic bread

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ebil wun! eye em bak two hellp yew joyn ice! ebil know guud. wee hab hom cuuked meelz en milkshaykez. wot doez ebil hav? dum ebil stuf probabeley hehe

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I have enough blankets and a cat next to me, I'm fine. Goodnight.
More dubs, you're lucky once again.
Seems you're in a better mood.
The ground is salt, the walls are salt...
I'll try to find a way.

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No thanks. It's easier to not bother.


I'm doing pretty okay. Was something wrong before, I don't remember.

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I'd love to stay but I have to sleep. Goodnight, anons. Don't post porn.

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yew gott sumting inn throat ned sum wutar
eye wishh yew stayd lostt noww. eye knot joyn ice siide, yew bullin we et dis pointt. yor mealz com frum trash canz ebil gett fuud frum sstore innvite al frensice hab know frens beecuz dayy al smelly
postin trap onlie mak yeew ore susspicious. tink yew tryin trick we
gnight hab gud slep satyy warrm

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I thought you were upset bout something a few days ago, maybe I'm thinking of someone else.
Will do, even though other probably will, see ya.
No friend, I wasn't. Also hope Kogasa is okay after falling.

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eye wishh yew joyn ice siide noww! yew ken com alonnng en we ken dew al kindz ob fun tings! ice fuud com frome hart! cuuked wif al frenz eben ebil wuns becoz ice ez bezt! eye nevar bulli yew juz com bee ice et sow guud muchh bettar den icky ebil

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Maybe I was. My memory isn't the strongest, a lot of things tend to slip away.

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eye stil kep an eye onn yew. funny howw shee fal inn hole efter sayy knot trust yew
wishh knot grantd azk santa four sumting else. ice knot hab enyting funn alwise sow borin alwise wantt two ply, clean upp trashh inn parkk gam, et knot funn!!! ebil hab da biggezt heartt, ice peepol hab kold heartt. yew bulli we rite noww bye tri force we two beecum dum ice. yew da reel bulli

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eye em knot da reel bulli! yew arre ebil en yew teaze en bulli al tha tyme! knot kold hart et warm en ice, yew suun realiz dat ice sow muchh bettar en thenn yew bee lyk "ken eye joyn ice teem pleaz et sow kool" en den eye willl be lyk "ye eye em ice en dat wat ice do" thenn wee alll gow en ged chrizmaz dinnar en eet togethar whil laffin

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Either way, you it's been nice talking to you, but I must go to sleep, later.
I'll try later, friend. Goodnight.

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Sleep well :)

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yew r a bulli!!! bulliez tri mak peepol dew tings dayy knot wantt two n mak funn ofb dem, dat wut yew dewin, icky bulli. sea eye onlie tease knot bulli frens. et kold n bite. dat nebar habben!!! et yew hoo sayy ice dum n ebil sow muchh koolar. en ebil alwise welcom frens eben ifb dayy uze two bee silly ice peepol. yew bulli n eye standin upp two yew
gnight bare fox ship trap fren, ahb grrate slep n tri hab gud dayy twomorrow

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Yeah, goodnight. Sleep well.

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eye wood nebar bulli evare!!
yew juzt sea we az ay bulli coz yew stille onn ebil syde! we ken chang dat. yew ken com joyn ice syd en hab ay guud timee att ourr exmaz parti. onli ice peepol envited bud yew ken becom ice en partii wiff uz en enjoyy sow manyy kool tings (yew hab two bee ice two sea wat dose arre) ye com joyn ebil wun et greatt!

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I'm getting really sleepy I should maybe relax for a little bit. I might head off for now ebil friend. It's always nice talking to you :) Hopefully I can talk to you soon! Goodnight and sleep well for when you decide to sleep

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gnight pink fren. gett ice n comfy n slep icely, hab many gud dreamz. hop hab wonderfull dayy wen wake upp

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