Old Sup Forums is back baby! You guys wanna buy some pepes?

Old Sup Forums is back baby! You guys wanna buy some pepes?

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yes dad!

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givr it to me daddy

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I have wojacks I can trade although I know the market for those have gotten really inflated but I have some of the rare varieties I can put down if I can have the Pepe first.

>old Sup Forums
>posts pepe
pick one

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I'll trade this one

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>old Sup Forums is back
>uses pepe instead of epic fail guy
you fucked it up OP
still a faggot as always i see

>doesn't know the difference between pepe and apu
You have to go back

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Do it

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pls hab my red headed stepchild pepe

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>snatches items
I lied I have no Wojaks to trade youve fallen to my elaborate trap. There’s no catching me

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here is one, but donut share ty fren

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you hurt my heart user

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pepes aren't old Sup Forums you newfaggot

we need to put together a team...

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ill take 1, got any of that rainbow shit?

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Ax Pepe at your service

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