Just a gentle reminder that the kikes are using the negroes as muscle, and that diversity is code for anti-white

Just a gentle reminder that the kikes are using the negroes as muscle, and that diversity is code for anti-white.

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You haven’t even stepped foot in the rabbit-hole.

gas the rabbi's hole

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Based and 1350 pilled

I'm just happy to see some of the kike degeneracy finally purged from this board

It's kinda funny that I don't even see "diversity" and race-as-social-construct used as much in discourse anymore
Neoliberals and Jews just straight up say they hate white people which is at least refreshing

I know. At least they can finally be honest.

Diversity is strength, without it there can be, will be, no human life.

why am I not surprised lol

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just a reminder: white supremacists are inbred double digit IQs.

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Every meme in this thread is addressed and debunked in: siraaronrichards.imgur.com/

Every single one.

>Index of Published Evidence on Mass Extermination in Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau

>Contemporary German Documents on Homicidal Gas Vans

>Contemporary German Documents on Carbon Monoxide Gas and Bottles Employed for the Nazi Euthanasia

Historical documents:

Einsatzgruppen records:

Complicity of High Command:

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there's a very strong overlap of bronies and neo-nazis on Sup Forums. they're usually incels, too.

they use the niggers, the faggots and anything else that isnt white to their advantage.

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shut up nazi kike

There isn't one (1) Holocaust denier standing today that hasn't already been BTFO - whether they were caught lying or completely misrepresenting their sources. From Irving, to Cole, to Rudolf, to Mattogno, to Faurrison, to Zundel, to Weber.
Even Eric Hunt has retracted most of his claims.
Irving doesn't even deny gassings anymore - have a look at what he say about Operation Reinhard.

youtube.com/watch?v=WIdjRJMyByY&bpctr=1536416337 [Open]

wokecat.com/ lol

Not one single piece of evidence that would stand up in a court of law.
>ur gay

They deleted the Hitler sharing thread

14888 brother. Honor, love, and respect forever and always. god forgives, unforgivens don't
21 2 12

sub 100 IQ and above 130 IQ gangs unite
crush the midwit


>KEK...the sheer panic

Is that why deniers always lose in court?

You feel like a big guy on the internet, don't you sport? You're WINNING here.

Reminder reminder that Holocaust deniers are on the same level of conspiratorial dunderheadedness as flat earthers. Let me explain how: All of us know that the earth revolves around the sun, but I doubt any of us here could prove so mathematically. Does that make our knowledge less certain? Absolutely not. We know what we know on the basis of the expertise of those who can prove it and have. Historiography, although not a science, is modeled on the scientific method in that all historical research is evidence based. Historians use only primary sources and ascertain the validity of their findings through a web of peer review. "History is written by the winners" is a tired platitude which dismisses the study of history as a sort of literature, not the evidence based methodology it actually is. Everything is documented. If you don't believe it, just follow the citations. Ever wonder why deniers just pick at non-historical accounts of the Holocaust and never touch anything penned by an actual historian? Because they can't refute the bedrock of historiographical research establishing the facts of the holocaust, the primary documentation, without flailing their arms and claiming without evidence that all of the Nazi's own paperwork are Jewish forgeries, or that chemists, geologists, archeologists, or any other experts are in on it too.

Thanks for the reply.
>is that why it's illegal to deny?

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No one likes your gay pony shit. Go kill yourself, you are embarrassing me.

found the jew

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>Where are the bodies?!

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This just simply isn't true.

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Indeed, my white brother.

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How dare you! 6 million died in the Nazideath camps. Look at this image of one of the 7 million from a Nazi death camp and tell me your heart doesn't weep for the 8 million jews who died.

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The negroes can be useful idiots. Get them wrapped up in afrocentric non-Muslim hogwash and they can be an effective tool against the Jew menace. We can deal with them after the priority target is eliminated, as they are useless simian troglodytes without a master cracking a whip behind them.

>b-but muh [insert something no historian ever said here]

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Wooden door


I think you underestimate the menace of the Blacked Plague. But regardless, ultimately I agree that international jewry should be our first priority.

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Sorry, try again.

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you can't weasel out of your own people admitting to wanting genocide. You don't get to complain when it's your turn on the fun rope swing game!

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>It's funny because it's not true!

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I'm not Jewish I'm a /his/ poster, flat earther.

>Noooooooooooo stop posting primary documentation no my memes nooooooooo!

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My heart does not weep for those 9 million jews that died.

Oy vey goyim I think you were mistaken its 10 million...

Oh no! Please forgive me Mr. Goldshekelstein. Please take my wife as reparations for the brave 11 million of gods chosen people that died fighting the evil SS demon guards in the death camps.

Just to clarify for any onlookers, nobody actually claims that zero Jews were executed, with or without gas.
The claim is that massive large-scale intentional genocide did not take place via gassing. There were executions, yes, but the goal was not to completely genocide all Jewish people. The proven fabrications of their narrative are evidence enough of something extremely fishy about the entire situation, almost as if they were trying to push an agenda.

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