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cute board!

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>is that a mental illness flag I spot

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Only if you get rid of that crazy people flag in the background you sick fuck.

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no you're thinking of the no step on snek flag

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>human rights
>on a furry character
thats like advocating for fucking puppy rights

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> t-this is what i look liek guise i promise! I’m totally not a balding disgusting degenerate who normal people find immediately revolting. I am animu grill not disgusting man in dress uwu~~


Bruh I started hormones before I could even grow facial hair.


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I despise you people, you turned traps from innocent fun into insanity. Go kill yourself like the rest of your kind.

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pls santa-kun

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traps were always considered trans, you do recall bailey jay..? The original trap who came out trans and now is vocally opposed to the usage of the term trap. The more you know!

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>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy
Disgusting and tasteless

>Draw a boy
>Call it a girl
Master race, right here. Reverse traps are the future.

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>The original trap
>Bailey Jay


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Kill themselves

as a "trans girl" i highly prefer the term trap.

but then again i also like sissy porn and think 95% of trans people are mentally ill.

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Makes sense, tbh. The term "trap" conjures up images of opening a treasure chest, expecting to find gold coins, only to see a disgusting crotch wound front-hole.

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she was, outside of it directed towards a few anime traps like bridget. She was the first big one and most point to as the original. Cope.

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There are only two kinds of trans "women" - autogynophiles and homosexual males. So tell us, are you a faggot who likes dudes, or a pervert who gets off on wearing panties?

Cute board uwu

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i always envisioned it as a yugioh trap card

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If you want to be called trap thats fine, I would never use the term towards someone if I didnt know first.

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Actually I'm happier than I've ever been! Before hormones I felt like I was going through life pretending to act like a boy. And I wasn't even very good at it. Now I can finally just be myself! I love being a girl so much. Looking at my reflection and actually feeling a sense of "self" is still a new feeling for me and it makes me want to cry tears of joy instead of filling me with despair like it used to.

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I don't like most traps because most look bad. I do know two traps that do actually look good. I only like the colors of the trans flag.

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Posting this here just incase sataniafag is lurking.
I guess I have to generally agree with that, even though I came into this thread thinking that satania/anime tranny spam posters were generally cancer, even though this may be true, you've given me some insight.

The only difference I would say really matters to me personally, is that the quality in general is much worse almost ubiquitously but especially on popular boards. Also the sort of echo chamber of ideas we've become after /new/ got fucked and replaced by Sup Forums. I have to agree that OC is few and far inbetween now, even when it's terrible and unfunny.

Wojack was a death knell and senseless waifu spam has become like a Sup Forums heat death, slowly evaporating weaker moderated boards.
But today gives me hope that maybe improvement in moderation is possible and Sup Forums isn't just one big wheelbarrow ride down a and giant mentally handicapped mountain.

TL;DR: Just fucking bring back snacks you fucking niggers.

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Yeah, you can't tell what it is face down.

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I mean if traps look bad its not really a trap then, right?

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a traps worst nightmare

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Laughed out loud. Nice one.

If it genuinely improves your quality of life, then I'm happy for you. But how do you plan to deal with the future? Will you have the energy to use makeup and make yourself cute every single day, or will you sometimes be forced to run errands looking like a dude with a ponytail in a dress? How do you plan to find a romantic partner to spend the rest of your life with? What will you do as your body ages and it gets harder and harder to pass?

Almost. A trap's worst nightmare is looking in a mirror at his own reflection.

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I don't need makeup to pass, it's just to make myself look cute. And because I'm on female hormones and take testosterone blockers, it won't get any harder to pass because I won't develop any more male features. As for romantic partners, you'd be surprised how many people I've had to turn down so far (trying to work on myself right now, not looking for a relationship just yet).

damn this tranny thread actually has discussion compared to the other shitstorm one going

Sounds like you have your shit together, user. Lots of trans folk are kind of trainwrecks, so it's good to see someone with a good handle on things. Power to you.

>And because I'm on female hormones and take testosterone blockers, it won't get any harder to pass because I won't develop any more male features.
I'm no expert, but don't things like Adam's apples, man hands, shoulders and facial features become more pronounced with age?

Good goy! Cut off your dick and D I L A T E for israel!

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Shut the fuck up mengele Experiment.

Anyways here's Arkadag's law in Macedonian.
Tpaнceкcyaлци вoлe дa пpилaзyјy ceбe кao aнимe ђeвoјкe јep знaјy дa ћe 90% њих yвијeк изглeдaти кao cјeбaни oглeди Joзeфa Meнгeлea и зaтo ce кpијy.

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ikr? kinda nice.
Only if you're on male hormones as you age. It's testosterone that causes all that to happen. Pretty much every sex characteristic except for your genitals is controlled by hormones.

>Shut the fuck up mengele Experiment
Woah. Really fucked up. Not cool. Dr. Mengele contributed to science.


never met a real tranny, not fond of judging but they all come off so fucking obnoxious. You cant say it's the minority when every tranny content creator spouts the same rhetoric.

You probably have met a real tranny you just didn't know it was a tranny.

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sorry, I don't speak Greek, what does that law say

This discord meme again.
>Guys guys I swear were just like other women you just couldn't tell the difference

Help yourself, transsexuality isn't a solution, it's escapism.

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There are trans people who start puberty blockers at 12 and besides their sex organs are indistinguishable from cis people. Unless you have x-ray vision and are inspecting the genitals of everyone you meet.

>Tpaнceкcyaлци вoлe дa пpилaзyјy ceбe кao aнимe ђeвoјкe јep знaјy дa ћe 90% њих yвијeк изглeдaти кao cјeбaни oглeди Joзeфa Meнгeлea и зaтo ce кpијy.
user, I...

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>Puberty blockers can hide your wide shoulders, man hands, jutting chin and adam's apple.

shut the fuck up tranny faggot.
You ruined traps for everyone.
Crossdressing != mental imbalance

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Yes. That's their one and only function. To block those features from developing.

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>best way to dab on trap fags is to begin supporting them by jumbling their degeneracy with more degenerate shit
yeah im thinkin' based

>are indistinguishable from cis people
Nice delusion.

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Wow. I honestly didn't know that until I googled it. Guess you learn something new every day.

Don't you need a certain size dick for the doctors to successfully turn an outie into an innie, though? Didn't that Jazz chick have that problem?

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That can be a problem in rare cases but in cases like that I think they just take a skin graft from another part of your body. I could be wrong about that though, I'm not sure I want surgery so I haven't really looked into it too much.

kys tranny

Yes some people don't get on puberty blockers and start hormones too late and end up not passing. Basically the younger you are the easier it is to pass. Once you're on blockers or hormones you don't develop any more male features, but you can't really reverse the ones that already developed.


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Yeah starting puberty blockers will make you Jazz, you will still not pass when next to a woman and your dick will be so tiny they will have to take a bit of your colon just to make the axe wound.


I think the whole tranny/trap war is the dumbest and mundane shit ever. But It's always amusing to see them both buttheads over this

>you will still not pass when next to a woman
What differences would you see when looking at a trans woman who never went through male puberty, and a cis woman side by side?

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Why try to become a better man, when you can give up and try to be something your not?

Fucking take some responsibility and quit being so passive

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would wiener still work after puberty blockers if the ween can't cream then whats the point

Neck yourselves trannies

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what if he's both

>being a man whose development has been stunned is totally the same as being a woman if you don't count the axe wound
Autistic, delusional and mentally ill. Congrats.

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>Fucking take some responsibility and quit being so passive
I'm sorry user but masculinity in this country has been under attack since day one, its all miracle at all not everyone agrees with this.

I'm sorry you're feeling bad and full of hate user.
I hope one day you'll be feeling better :)

Yeah because the Jews has taught us that being a victimized group with their own pejorative is very lucrative. Also your spokesmutant is a fucking porn star lmao, why not just hire a alley hooker to speak for you morons instead.

nigger I dont care if they hate the term, they're still traps.


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>and now is vocally opposed to the usage of the term trap
This is what I don't get. You get people trying to adopt words like queer, dyke, fag, etc, actual slurs, but everyone is fannyflustered over trap? Who uses trap with any actual venom in their words, particularly compared to all the others I mentioned? This argument is completely pointless.

You first

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Going through day to day life as a boy felt like I was acting. Like every day I had to pretend to be something I wasn't. It always felt so wrong. I used to think that's how being a boy was supposed to feel and that all boys felt that they would be happier as girls. When I found out that wasn't the case and transitioned, I finally felt like I could stop acting like something I wasn't. I'm much happier now than I was when I was trying so hard to act like a boy.
No it does not but estrogen makes the orgasm feel more similar to a female orgasm than a male orgasm and it feels way better IMO.
Development isn't stunted, silly! You just get a girl development instead of a boy development! Why would I want to get all big and hairy like a man? Yuck!

that artstyle is fucking atrocious, I hope you dont enjoy that shit

You don't really have to be feeling bad, or negative to tell someone to kill themself.

>You just get a girl development instead of a boy development!
Yeah and you get to have wonderful genitalia!

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>Development isn't stunted, silly! You just get a girl development instead of a boy development! Why would I want to get all big and hairy like a man? Yuck!
To satisfy those with a hairy mutant fetish of course

Probably because it's associated with the gay panic defense. Theres a reason why states are banning it.

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What a quintessentially Jewish name

Not all trans women get bottom surgery. I'm probably not gonna get it cuz I don't wanna deal with the pain involved in recovery. But it's not like I walk around with my dick hanging out so it doesn't really affect my day to day life that much.
ew lol

They'll be appropriating "trap" in a year or two. We're in a cold war, user. These freaks are trying to steal our words faster than we can come up with them.

Trannies die

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