B is back boys. post yfw coomers are exiled

b is back boys. post yfw coomers are exiled.

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They already lost!

WELCOME BACK TO Sup Forums pORN Posters.

im just happy that we are back here

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posting porn in your faggot topic

you gonna ban me?

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I can't believe Sup Forumstards, or probably newfags, are so sensitive that even porn triggers them LMAO

nah. it just completely took over. there was nothing left. it's a good change.

Baby need a safe space away from all da nawrty pictures.
Use the dozens of other boards newfag.



Sup Forums is way to low on racism, gore and Cheese Pizza to be back.

If you haven’t recognized the empty repetitive threads for the noise they are you’re just part of the problem. This board was always for dialogue through content until a few years ago when people started spamming certain topics that were more destructive than roll threads. If the board doesn’t get better lets bring the porn back but for lets just see what happens ruskibro

>Use the dozens of other boards newfag.
wow. what a concept. im so glad that you have grasped the fact that there are other boards, why dont you take your own advice coomer?

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Yep newfag of more than a decade. which the last two years were by far the worst experience I've had on the website. it was so bad unironically started using reddit. I still would pop in to see if anything interesting was happening and only times of the day where it was even remotely interesting is when american's were asleep.

Yea but are you proud to have been browsing this board for that long?


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Its not a point of pride just a mere fact, I have too much free time. So I begrudgingly found myself hoping there would be something to return to. There never is though.

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le redditfag cant comprehend using Sup Forums for anything other than r/greentext karmawhoring. Why are you such a permafag??

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Feels good man.

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This is it boys, a rennesaince after the dark ages

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Porn is already back nigger. You really thought one rogue mod was gonna change shit?

We must report porn posters.

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basedmod has ignited a flame, one that will not die until coomers are shipped back to plebbit, so stay mad. stay seething. keep being a little bitch, pornfag.

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God bless that yellow rogue mod/janni

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