Sfw loli thread

sfw loli thread

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i love lolis

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I think the trannyjannies have had enough fun for the day

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Get the fuck out
Fucking 3DPD nigger

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this isnt loli

I'm having a lot of fun with all of this funposting.

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faggot mod went to sleep
post the lewd loli again

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Thread ruined :(

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Begginner drawfag here. Anybody draw lolis?
How do I draw better lolis?

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kill yourselves

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Good shit. Upgrade with some shades and then colors. Ones you get there you’ll figure out your way there boy. Good luck with family and the Fbi.

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Your feets, they are SO small. But you di an awesome job so far.

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devil trips :DDDD

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Just remember to sexualice a little more.

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can we all agree you losers overreacted abit to much to the jannies having fun?

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how long do you think mods can keep this up?
end of the year?
2 months?

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they've already stopped from what I see, they left up every furry porn thread while nuking everything. It was obviously a joke from the get go.

i love kaos

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I can’t wait to see you add color
Outside small feet that Loli looks like sex

There is a book on Exhentai explicitly about drawing lolis

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do you have a link to it?

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I'm phoneposting, just search the how to tag for a purple book about drawing cute girls. Looks sorta realistic, it focuses on proportions and shit.

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