New ylyl nao

New ylyl nao.

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i used to have nightmares about flying off the highway and falling into the city

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Wtf. I want to do it now

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trust me, the best taste you'll ever have.

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just kys you fucking tard

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Better version

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Is that right?

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Holy shit I know the guy who did that

Why did I almost laugh at this

I hate that fucking bald waste of air-time.

Always wondered, what REALLY was the original text?


Oh shit! What up?

Must. Resist.... No.... Urge. To. Fap. Too. Great...

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how is this not in history books??

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deutsch qualitat

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I'll give her that. Bitches get milked dry for shit like that

cause they're stupid enough to care and buy it

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Bitches get put under pressure to buy it. Be less incel, user

Needs a third "POOINLOO" image of designated shitting street

Just noticed the ghost on the right side

Why would someone do that to themselves

easily brainwashed = stupid

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someday i wish to get a nice whiff from a crack like that.

You gas it.

Wow, congratulations!

Tell him he's a faggot

Sorry nobody else got your back user

checking you too

frank you beautiful bastard. YT is not the same without you

pretty much is


fucking classic

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Which one?

Damn. Dat ass doe. I’m bonering lol

Is that Morrissey?

You know they'd put the same pressure on men if it worked. But it doesn't, this is why they market other stupid shit to men for money.

God i'd love a chance to fuck them, her, whatever

Oh, shit. Once you see it...

Yeah, You can see Johnny Marr there, too.

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is it photoshopped or something? Or it's an actual ghost pic

Ghosts aren’t real