Judging from the un-pinning of fag jannies thread Sup Forums is back, so, loli thread? Loli thread?

Judging from the un-pinning of fag jannies thread Sup Forums is back, so, loli thread? Loli thread?

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nah fuck you

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Ahahahahahahahahh seethe

kys creep

No u.

Damn it I want to watch the newfags rage but I need to sleep

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>calls others creeps
>clicked on the loli thread
Fucking creep.


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Looks like it

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Haha in the end its a bigger victory for the coomers.

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feels good to bust nuts to tight cunny lads

this is a spiderman thread now

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we lost Sup Forums because of you fucking retards


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>not 3d
Fuck nu Sup Forums I'm out

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Seethe harder newfag.

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Loli threads are a Sup Forums staple


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The loli posters or the spidermans, cuz if you blame the loli poster imma need you're dumb newfag ass so young it's smotther than a baby bottom to fuck off.

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Loli of all kinds. I miss the wild west have fun.

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Pedophiles like you will hang

Retarded inbred nigger alert.

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ok groomer

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So was this just shit stirring from a normie mod before getting shitcanned?

based spiderman pony poster

And things are right back to normal. It's as if the Spazzening never happened.

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Stay mad yellow poster, you lost

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Pretty much. They probably couldn't handle it and decided to go out in a blaze of autistic glory.

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Every loli waits her turn to be impregnated by my quality seed.

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Who explained rape to you?

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Who convinced your mother to forgo the abortion?

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Could you at least post good loli and not this tired brony stuff?

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actually, in the yellow world I envision, loli is the only kind of porn permitted. possibly trap porn. Extreme shit that can go nowhere else is Sup Forums, porn included.

But Sup Forums isn't Sup Forums without the pedos. I don't like loli but, I'm not some newfaggot. Still, you can't honestly support the people making their 5th "girls who need bbc" thread of the day? one loli thread at all times is absolutely fine. That's not shitting up the board in comparison

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who's the artist?

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Well darn, I've been had. See y'all next thread.

i came

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I dislike pedophilia. Nothing wrong with Lolis of course.

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check these digits

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