Omg i love nannystate totalitarianism now

Omg i love nannystate totalitarianism now

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That's a lot of CIA enemies

Gameplay footage or fuck off

>le honk honk protesters are based! let trump give them freedom and democracy just like iraq! winnie the pooh lmao!


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>actually linking dailystormer

Soundtrack of this masterpiece.

>setting bugmen on fire

Name a single more reputable news source, i'll wait.

sounds pretty based to me

Horseshoe theory is actually true.

Fuck commies.

>daily stormer

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Why are the goosesteppers now in favor of China?

Because they hate freedom, they're unironically closer to the Communist Party of China than american values.

>Old friend you thought you lost comes back for one last showdown

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When do we get to nuke China?

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They're the ultimate frogposters.

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> Shit-stormer.
Kill yourself.

>huppa duppa, communism gud. nazi good. strange ideology good. Normal bad.
Is it legal to unironically eradicate these wastes of space in the name of freedom yet?


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There's so much fucking frogposting going on it's beautiful

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Hong Kong belongs to China

How did globohomo become a thing? It doesn't sound anywhere close to globalism.

The Red-Brown alliance os actually real.

>pepe cupcake

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>toxic tear gas
Should've seen French tear gas in WW1 then

Serious question, why is pepe used a lot during these protests?

Did you try to look as uncredible as possible?

Lots of rare pepes in this thread.

Because they want your help

Image sucking wh*te dick so hard that you make a symbol of white supremacy your mascot for independence.

I haven't been able to call out a stormfag in years

Everything went to shit when the Brits left. Everything. Even their film industry went down the shitter. Martial Arts movies out of HK absolutely blow now.

Imagine being such a retard that you make this post.

They used a whole bunch of memes during the protest

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>muh Donkey Kong people
Reddit tier thread.

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He was a popular WhatsApp sticker in HK and just kinda evolved into a protest symbol because of how easy it is to project things onto his simple design.
Has not much to do with his perception in the west.

Because you subhuman keep frogposting every fucking waking minute and now it has bled out into the mainstream, tainting reality for all time. Congratulations, retard. You turned real life into a fucking meme.

Don't care about politics.

Is the game fun?

There was a game on Steam where you could kill blacks, gays, and trannies.

user IS THAT YOU!?

yo whos trying to hit up that outback steakhouse after this

> Hong Kongers can't use the frog picture!
> The frog picture belongs to the alt-right! The alt-raight said so! They can't use it, only we can!
Dilate harder.

>Storm weenies
>calling anybody a savage

>The British empire at its peak will never return

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Those guys with the Pooh and Xi masks are legends, i'd seriously be too scared to pull that shit over there.

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It's still doing incredibly well, especially considering how mainland has been kinda fucking with it for a long time.
Definitely a success story for capitalism.

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This shit will be in history books

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But at least Israel finally got recognized as a "legitimate" state so I'd say it was a victory all around!

>immolating innocent people is ok if people I don't like condemn it

What a waste of good milk.

Nightmare fuel

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I wonder how the child labor that make those mask feel about it.

The majority of Hong Kongers are young people who genuinely believe life was better under British rule where their own people were treated like 2nd class citizens in their own damn country. There's a lot of pictures of them worshiping Trump and America despite not knowing the majority of Trump supporters and the western world as a whole despise the Chinese people. It's the same bullshit with the retards in the US who worship Communism and believe it will help the people despite never living under a brutal Communist government.

Absolutely based protester. Did nothing wrong.

What does the crying pig thing mean?

Nobody here thinks that's okay, but a few crazy extremists don't discredit a cause, they infest every large movement.
Not to mention that there's good chances of it being a chinese falseflag, considering how much propaganda they've been pushing against HK.

>High school students

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Are you trolling or just stupid?

calm down reddit

Imagine being the dude who made that webcomic that spawned pepe, especially because i know hes a lefty bootlicker.

That's coolant.

>The majority of Hong Kongers are young people who genuinely believe life was better under British rule
It was.
HK was and is vastly superior to all of mainland china, which is arguably the most dystopian nightmare state that currently exists on earth.

pure delusion, but I'm not surprised that someone like you creates your own fantasies to live in

Why would der sturmer even give a shit about Hong Kong?

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I dont think condemning the daily stormer as a shitrag is the same thing as saying that the guy setting the dude on fire is in the right

Based as fuck, CIA BTFO

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Rl frog posting retards deserve the baton. Long live the Chinese communist party.

>The Daily Stormer
You gonna link to Huffington Post or fucking Vice next?

why dont you anons post more pepes in other threads, they are hilarious

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because they noticed western """""""""""journos"""""""" couldn't read their shit but gave attention to the teens with the meme shirts and drawings, so it snowballed into a global mascot solely to have the west to ever care, at all.

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>Left hates Pepe because it's associated with Trump
>Left supports Hong Kong freedom

Boy are they in for a rude awakening that or I have no idea what the fuck Pepe means anymore.

I suggest you go back to school with that level of reading comprehension.




>dailystormer defending a non-white communist totalitarian state just because it's against globalism

>Left supports Hong Kong freedom
This isn't a partisan issue you dumb nigger, if you care about western values at all, you should support HK independence.

Pepe doesn't mean anything, he just is.

>Ban face masks
>Use elaborate masks instead
That fucking bottom reminds me of Bioshock

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Wait a minute, I thought the stormer was a far right wing publication.
Why are they sucking Chinese dick and rambling about democracy then?
Also what's with the Star Wars banner?
Is the Stormer alt-lite?

>collectivism broooooooo!
nazis and commies both deserve the gas

>There's a lot of pictures of them worshiping Trump and America despite not knowing the majority of Trump supporters and the western world as a whole despise the Chinese people.
Take a good look. This is a Chimese shill. How can you tell? He refers to the Hong Kong protestors as chinese people and lumps them in with mainland chinese, who yes, everyone on the entire planet hates. Dont you have a dog to chop up Chang?

> reputable source
> white ethnonationalist site run by a race mixing Jewish midget

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>This isn't a partisan issue you dumb nigger
It's partisan in regards to supporting HK is incredibly reddit

>the gamer uprising actually happened
My god.

> want a cool film like wolverines (no, the reboot with Josh Peck doesn't count because those were not Chinese)

> All film companies are controlled by Chinese investment companies and must bow down to their masters

Who will stand up to crowd fund a Chinese takeover film?


Nuke hong kong for being gay faggots

>Also what's with the Star Wars banner?
It's a Star Wars fansite. Like Storm Troopers.