Have you ever busted a nut into your own face/mouth?

Have you ever busted a nut into your own face/mouth?

Why, and did you get post cumshot regret?

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I have been eating my own cum since I was 13. I don't see the big deal. It makes it easier to clean up.

Hi jimmy

A better post would’ve been who doesn’t and why

Yes and I can self suck

Since I have been eating my own cum for the past 16 years, I can assure you that your diet, stress, and water intake majorly impacts the taste of your cum. Want good cum? Don't eat fat, baked goods, soda, drink a fuck ton of water, and chill the fuck out. I noticed that my cum was hella terrible during exams. I would eat like shit, not workout, live off of coke & espresso, and be borderline suicidal. Those loads were fucking god awful, and I would never wish it upon anyone to swallow that shit.

Also me, I drink loads of water and enjoy big gush of my piss too

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Lil’ Yimmy ya POG sock cocker...

I have cum into my own mouth once by accident. I received a very intense, long, edging handjob, and the first spurt hit my lips. She thought it was hilarious.

top kek

unironically my fetish. i love cum eating instruction videos. not the really humiliating ones where she calls me a faggot or a loser or whatever but the supportive encouraging ones turn me on like nothing else. i’m a disgusting degenerate and trying to quit but it’s just such a turn on.

Larkin Love does some vids you might find interesting.

everyone has tasted their cum.

i have seen all of the good ones from her and many many others. thank you though

I absolutely love Larkin. Those tits of hers...FUCK

i don’t really like her tits to be honest. my favorite big titted cei girls would have to be natalia grey, crystal knight, or my absolute favorite, amber hahn


because I wanted the cum in my mouth, but between the pain in my neck from positioning my duck over my face and the immediate loss of desire, of course there was regret
these days I just kiss my wife when her mouth is full of my cum and get it that way

the best way to eat it and enjoy it is to ruin it directly into your mouth. it requires some flexibility and restraint but ruining the orgasm allows you to eat up all the cum and still be horny enough to enjoy it

You don't like Larkins tits? I was thrilled to finally find a titfuck finish from her.

But I respect your taste.

honestly no but maybe i have to give her another try

We like what we like. But those G cups, are gorgeous.

Yes and yes

Yes, and definitely yes
It always sounds so hot in the heat of the moment but the second it hits my face I regret everything
that being said I've done it 3 or 4 times

Of course I did

This guy gets it

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