I grow plants. AMA

I grow plants. AMA

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Is it organic?


For what purpose

What are you wearing?

Synthetic nutes, running a rdwc hydroponic system

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To harvest

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pair of boxers and a tee shirt

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What size tent you running? Cost of setup? I've been looking at starting with soil to get some money to do a really nice hydro setup.

3x3, water is also chilled, probably have 5-600 invested, most of it is hand built. Start with soil but if you want full control you can do soiless mediums and fertelize them yourself like coco coir. Either way as long as you have fun and accept the risk of a catastrophe, its a great hobby, go to growweedeasy.com for a lot of good info

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Thanks for the link bro, I'll check it out.

Anytime, also make sure you know some basic electrical knowledge, dont overload a circuit and always know what's connected to it and what youre drawing. low of fires start with poor electrical decisions.

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Pruning and topping advice plz

prune at specific times during flower, for me i did a round at week 1, week 3 and 4. now all nodes are getting direct light. they fattening up

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whats the best soil that you would recommend?

I started with fox farms ocean forrest. go to the link i mentioned above, lot of resources.

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You don't grow plants. You grow PLANT. You know one plant that exists. Get back with us when you can explain where a supermarket tomato comes from, pleb.

Are those plants?

bitch I'm growing basil, propogating more clones, and growing peppers in the dwc bucket in this tent. cannabis isnt the only thing i grow

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no timestamp the? are you larping or just a dildo?