Be me, 15 minutes ago

>be me, 15 minutes ago
>19yo virgin
>be with very cute asian female friend
>not so subtle crush
>having lots of fun at her house
>the mood starts to get romantic
>she drops her pants
>I'm a retard loser that browses Sup Forums this isnt supposed to happen
>freeze for a few seconds
>get dizzy
>sprint to bathroom
>vomit in toilet multiple times
>she bangs on door crying, thinks I have a problem with her
>start crying too, ask her to leave me alone for a moment

I'm still in the bathroom
What do I do
What the fuck is wrong with me

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Own up to it op say she just look so hot she fucking killed you with shock

you arent getting fucked tonight but at least salvage her by just saying you have been feeling sick the past few days and it unfortunately hit you right then and there.

go to an urgent care to make it more believeable.

You're the biggest faggot I have ever seen in this board. You make traps look straight. Act like a fucking man and fuck her. "I-I got D-Dizzy and v-v..." You fucking pathetic fuck. How can this happen? Seriously....

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Post pic of toilet as proof with a timestamp.

God, I hope I have it in me to not just fucking jump out the window

That would be hilarious but sorry no


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Your pretty fucking pathetic OP. Man up and tell her that you aren't ready or swallow it and go for it.
Don't be a fucking beta and hide in your bathroom.

Tell her the truth, you're shy and awkward.. you got really nervous when she did that and you just threw up. Tell her yes it's very embarrassing but tell her it's not her it's you. I'll make her feel better and then she might actually open up afterwards

this, you cuck

>Have asian female friend
>You say you are just a retard that browse here
Choose one, user. You can't have both.

I think dubs of truth
Gonna try this
Wish me luck

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Dude just say your waiting until marriage

I flushed and cleaned it before making the thread. You arent gonna jack off to my regurgitated qdoba tonight, sorry pal

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At least show the bathroom.

Good luck user

Hang yourself in her bathroom

>durr i'm a Sup Forumstard *vomits*

Get it together you fucking faggot.

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Literally why

Why does this even warrant proof

I'm going to talk to her, you probably wont hear from me again

P.s. my camera is too good so I had to crop it sorry, muh file too large

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I've seen some weak shit in Sup Forums before but If this is real you have to be the most beta limp wristed soy fag on the planet talking about I threw up coz I can't handle a peice of ass GOD DAMN this is ridiculous!



The fact you took the time to take this picture while a cutie waited speaks volumes.

Update us user! I want to know if there is a happy ending.

I really don't know how this can have a happy ending after all that

Pick up A DAMN LOAD and justify your worthless existence! Turn chaos into habitable order and walk out and POUND her fucking pussy!

Motivate yourself! Get the hell out there and kiss her, you useless bastard!

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You a fag. Give her my contact info. None virgin fag here. Can handle a woman. You get clean up fag beta duty.

I fucked her

Based JBP poster, I already read 12 rules
There was no kissing though that would be gross

Also those dubs of truth were indeed wise

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Why OH why don't I believe you OP.. Oh that's right because your a CUCK

sure you did. you sure this qt isn't a blow up doll and you took a few too many hits of cocaine?

fucking end yourself.

I might have taken one too many tabs of acid earlier but no, she is real

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This is surely all a lie, you got a couple minutes to fix shit.

Tell her you ate bad food, she should keep her clothes off, your going to fuck the shit out of her in couple minutes.
Jerk off dor minute or 2 till your more then half erect, or close to full boner.
Step out with just shirt take her to the bed, finger or lick her pussy till she cums, stick your dick in her. Fuck her for a minute till you cum, then keep fucking her for another 10-20 mins or whatever till you cum again.
Tell her you want to do this everyday.
By the time you read these posts too much time has past.
She already left.
Give location city, country, and facebook of girl and post here. if you want to get her back.

>took acid
>freaked out
>threw up

OP is a fag confirmed. There was no girl to begin with. Just a figment of his imagination.
In conclusion, neck yourself.

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Post anything of the girl.


this a whole mood

That dick popped out didn't it? Go ahead... Suck it faggot