This thread is dedicated to our black queens

This thread is dedicated to our black queens

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Time to breed.

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my favorite thread

Me too. They're the best, especially when we get a really good one that lasts 10 to 14 hours.

Imagine the smell

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Love me some black ass every now and then. They love to fuck and you get the occasional one obsessed with white dudes.


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My urge to breed is over 9000.

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Just saw this one

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Goddamn. Breeding-worthy.



Fuck yes. Needs to be filled to the brim with cum

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I wish I could just breed black women endlessly.

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Keep your coconut butter/vomit smelly primates please on your own side of the ocean Jamal.

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she's a breeding mare, that one is

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I'm glad Sup Forums is getting more and more into black women.

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