Magic lamp guy again, make a wish and I will fuck it up severely

Magic lamp guy again, make a wish and I will fuck it up severely.

Stop looking at porn. Start talking to the genie guy!

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I wish I was rich

Granted! You legally change your name to Richard, Rich for short. Also, you can never make more than minimum wage.

I wish OP was a faggot

Checked, the nigger is a faggot

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Granted! But your father is now gay, your mother filed for a divorce. She eventually kills herself while your father is sucking cock for heroin. Not the fun kind. The panic stricken, I might die kind.

Sir. That pic is genius. I love you for it

Have free wish, on me. It can't go wrong.

I wish that Vietnamese engineer I work with with, who isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is, would drop dead.

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i wish trump got impeached

Granted! That Vietnamese guy is dead, but the war in Nam never ended. Thus killing millions of our countrymen

Granted! Hillary is elected into office, and the world immediately goes into WWII. You get drafted into the war, captured then tortured for several years until you die.


Or a new WWII. The genie is tired. The genie is making coffee

i wish my farts smelled better

I wish you stop answering wishes

I wish to be happy

I wish my wife would come back with the kids. I haven't seen then in over a year. I'm prolly killing myself this Christmas Eve.

I wish for blackface guy to watch my video

i wish to stop cumming on Sup Forums

I wish your coffee tastes bad

“Rubs lamp” I wish for for a bong that always has marijuana in it.

I would just like for a big old raincloud to follow me around. And then I'd travel to places that are having a drought/forest fire and just hang around for a bit while I let the cloud do it's thing.

Granted! They smell like a rank pussy!

Running water and sanitation for the entire planet.

Granted! BYE!

Granted! You're perpetually happy now, causing you to be put into a psych ward for the rest of your miserably happy life!

She brings her new boyfriend with her
Prostate Cancer

Granted! You see them after you die, they are happy. She is remarried. Your children have forgotten about you.

Granted! You now instantly shit yourself when you orgasm!

Granted! I switched to tea.

Granted! It's shit weed. Stems. Dead seeds. Just shit stuff from the early 2000s

Granted! You also get fungal infections in your genitals.

Hahahaahahahahahhaahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha omg thank you genie !!

I'm ok with this
Thank you mr poopoo

I redact that granted wish.

You now have mushrooms with deep roots in your genitals. It results in continence, and it rains cat piss.

i wish to manipulate the outcome or odds of any situation to be in my favor

Granted! These outcomes can only yield a result from something meaningless. Like a coin flip without a bet placed on it. You also cannot reproduce your manipulated odds in front of people.

I want a pet Cacodemon!

Granted! It follows you everywhere and kills everything you love. It forces you to live, it will never let you die until your time is up. it won't stop and you cannot get rid of it. It is there forever. Afterward, you are forced to live in purgatory.

His name is Stan.

i wish to make the good parts of these wishes null

I will fuck your final fantasy and turn it into nightmares!

Granted! I already do that. Thank you for reaffirming this.

At least the little fucker has a nice name, thanks Mr Popo

Grant....ed? What does this mean?

i think he wants a copy of final fantasy 13

Lord Popo, Slayer of Niggers, Destroyer of Worlds.

I wish for a thicc big tiddied goth gf

Hell ya! Granted! She has a dick though. Knowing Sup Forums isn't new to this concept, her dick is bigger than yours... she also cums blood. Goth enough?

I wish I was immortal.

Most likely.

Granted! You now own a copy of final fantasy 13, but it is incredibly bugged. Damn near unplayable.

I want that mod to come back and delete all the porn again

Sounds like a win to me,
thank you Lord Popo-Sama

Granted! But you get flung into the endless void of space. You still feel the pain of your body freezing, your cells exploding. The cosmic rays burn your skin for all eternity.

Possibly granted. Depends if my guy feels like it.

It did make Sup Forums great again!

I'm glad your wish could be fulfilled.

Please leave a rating on how I did in all other threads on Sup Forums, including all of the porn threads.

Cut off your genie nipples faggot or I will smash your lamp

Kill me

Granted! Glad I can grow more.

Granted! Your death will arrive in 80-90 business years, not including weekends.


I want to be a god

I wish I were taller. I'm 6ft but would love to be 6'4" or better, and muscular

Eventually, I stopped thinking..

Granted! You are now the ruler of house flies! Only house flies.

Know what, I'll add to it. You are constantly lucid of your situation.

I wish for a giraffe.

Granted! Due to licensing issues, the government takes it away and charges you with "Unlawfully housing an exotic pet" with a fine of $500,000

I wish for another giraffe

Granted! The same happens, but you are put into prison for 15 years.

I wish my first wish was for a tiger

I want a fat gf

I wish serenity came back