What the fuck is wrong with Japanese women that they give themselves snaggleteeth intentionally?

What the fuck is wrong with Japanese women that they give themselves snaggleteeth intentionally?

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the do? How?

Surgery. its called 'yaeba' google it.

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That's cute you faggot. And it's the other way around, those teeth are natural while american teeth are fixed with braces and shit.

>beauty is always somewhat subjective
yep. who knew.


Not OP.

It’s not all of them. The average Japanese woman is fucking beautiful

>those teeth are natural
So natural they go to a dental clinic to give the teeth this appearance?

bc it gives the idea that they are younger than they are. like they make the little girl sounds.

And here I am bitching about american girls with their ridiculous eyebrows and forearm tattoos...


Who the fuck likes porcelain Hollywood style teeth? That shit is creepy and weird as hell.

they're literally inbreeds, like seriously, not even joking.

Ask anyone that's actually been to the country and they'll tell you it's a very niche thing.
It's yet another thing among many about Japan that the internet likes to blow way out of proportion.

even better when they go full vampire mode

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They are natural...ly the product of malnutrition leading to stunted jaw development and teeth crowding. Who knew, diets full of sugar and grains with little insoluble fiber = disease?

no have i said so? holy shit you're dumb you don't even know what yaeba means do you.

That would unironically be super sexy on an asian woman

it gives the impression of the incomplete teeth set that preteens/earlyteens have, hence youth and "cute"

clearly not as bad as whatever your mother did to you, waterhead

>implying japanese eat unhealthy western food

>why is this race's culture different with my race's culture
grow up

Not only has Japan has adopted much of western culture, the their traditional diet of rice and fish was never very healthy to begin with, especially now that both are highly contaminated with heavy metals.

Never forget rice is the carbohydrate jew

>Google aural vampire

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pic: example of how "fixing" your teeth just makes you uglier. before and after


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My gf teeth

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It can look cute but go too far and it enters goofy territory

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>What the fuck is wrong with Japanese

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