I have genital herpes

I have genital herpes
Say something nice to me

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you have general herper


You're ribbed for her pleasure

were you not aware of the existence of condoms and the obvious signs of herpes?

Post pics so we can see how bad it is

Good job

you have a higher risk of contracting aids if you don't manage your herps

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well, you're not going to die from it. I think.

that's not too bad. you dont have cancer or worse. life will get worse at some point trust me. enjoy what you have

When you get herpes, you are much more susceptible to contracting other STD's now because you'll often have small open wounds. Men with Herpes are like 400 times more likely to contract HIV


The herpes gave you character, which, just like daddy's love and acceptance, is something you've been lacking.

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You have proof that you got laid.

you can catch herpes from wanking?

I have both hsv1 and hsv2 am i degenerate?

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Something nice to me

stop doing drugs
get help
or dont faggot i don't care

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Stop having sex

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Yo I fucked so many whores raw, I went to the damn clinic to check for STD's and fucking bursted into excitement.

The lady asked "Why are you so happy?"
I actually told her I raw dogged so many whores across 28-50 years of age with no condom, she looked at me in disgust lmfao
I quit sex after that shit.

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You're in for a bumpy ride

What stds did you have?

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None you faggot.
I am perfectly clean, just was very lucky to not come across the wrong whore with the mother load of STD's.
And really, that's how I fuck tbh, if I have a rubber on, it just aint sensitive enough and I cant bust, being raw makes it feel 50x better.

But that's not even bad to what I use to do.
I use to legit eat whores pussy, kiss them on the lips, I was fuckin dirty asf back then, I slowed down and very rarely have sex for fear of this shit, I was playing it tooooo dangerous

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Now you can give her Hogwarts on her chamber of secrets.

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Fucking degenerate kys

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The people you fucked likely got around enough to have been good at it.

Oh so basically this can reflect back onto you with that guy's logic and basically you're a faggot.
Thanks, needed confirmation.

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Bad news bro you have HIV the reason you have no STDs is the over active immune system many people think HIV is on the standard STD test it is not its an expensive test I would get checked quickly.

Fucking degenerate

Already been checked for HIV, followed by other STD's to be sure incase I need to be diagnosed with meds for them, nothing came back.
And to add on, last time I was checked was around 1 1/2 months ago, which at that time,I was sexually inactive for 7 months, you'd expect symptoms to show,yes? None showed and even the clinic confirmed I was negative.

But nice try at playing doctor LMAOO

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Shut the fuck up stupid fuck or else

I bet you have hsv1 or hsv2 tho

>No herpes of any sort on my lips, or body

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You can have the virus without symptoms dumb fuck

yall think this is herpes? was eta a month after raw sex

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Disgusting degenerate

Go to a doctor and take a swab

Yes and after a certain period it will pop up, and with it being already almost a year, nothing changed physically about me, no sickness, no bumps, no flu.

>b-b-but it doesn't have to show physically to be there r-right?
Do you wanna be doctor user? lmao

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i am tomorrow the scab healed up im still stressing and cant sleep i might kill myself if i got herps im legit going to kill myself by overdosing

probs just ripped ur dick tbh, had that happen before and was bleeding a lot, got a scar now from jacking off lightning fast lmfao

Are you retarded? Many have tgr virus without any symptoms ever
But you still have the virus.
Get a herpes blood test i bet you have botg hsv1 and hsv2 its so common

thanks user i was thinkin that it was during a xanax blackout so i probably was jacking off mad hard

Most likely herpes

No cure for it

Sucks to be you, viruses will stay with you forever, slowly manipulating your DNA, growing evolving, until your immune system is down and it spreads; fucking up your insides weakening you and eventually compiling with all the other shit to slowly kill you. You are not the chosen one, you are a weak minded tainted fool and you should be castrated to save the rest of us the trouble.

np, dont worry what other anons say, had this happen before, its nothing serious, just dont let it get infected and stay from having sex(not sure if sexually inactive or what not) and let it FULLY heal.
All of luck to ya user!

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Nah i know i have genital herpes but i still fuck girls from tinder without condom and i dont tell them i have it :)

I'll do so, but missing a day off work just to verify isn't worth it since I already have paperwork, oh well.
gtg to sleep, night

Kys fucker

Nigger porn


At least you’re not a nigger?

Dude u got the herp.
Did u get it by sharing anime pillows with another loser?

That’s rape.

No its not dumb fuck

Penile pauples are fine and something entirely different from herpes


it should be grievous bodily harm, at least thats how it is with aids where I live.

At least you don't have aids

kys kys kys

I had a false positive blood screen for hsv 2 (most cases are actually asymptomatic) and had severe depression for a month and then accepted it. After looking into it though I saw my results were low and I got the western blot test which is the most accurate test there is. The western blot confirmed I didn't have either hs1 or 2. Throughout it I was thinking how stupid it was of me to get depression over a mild skin condition. It's a stupid disease that people shouldn't even be screened for unless they have obvious symptoms and wish to take antivirals. 87% of cases have no signs or symptoms their whole lives. The cdc doesn't recommend getting tested for it as it just causes useless anxiety.

Post pics

Its illegal with aids
But its not illegal to no tell about herpes


Get a life loser


Want to try to say it to my face IRL? Ill fucking smash your teeth in kid

Does it hurt? How bad is having herpes?

Just itches a few days then its gone
Then it usually tskes 2-3 yesrs until i see it again