Why does beating the meat feel so good?

Why does beating the meat feel so good?

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Also why does watching fat people cum make my dick so hard?

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This is fatties cooming thread now

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because the primary biological motive of humans and any animal is to procreate
the pleasure associated with ejaculating is just there to sweeten the deal and to cause us to crave it more
naturally we would just be fucking anything we could, consensually or not, but humans have degenerated so much that we now chase this pleasure in an addictive and self-derived fashion
your addiction to masturbating is no different than a junkie's addiction to a drug

I genuinely hope a mod bans you. You are not even contributing to the thread at all. Stop with this stupid “Elon Musk” bullshit, and go to middle school. Forced memes are shitty and will always lack the lulz that you crave.

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those are BIG cums!

UH OH! somepony has been smokking weed with joe rogan again! was it you? i bet it was you sexy little monkey!


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Drink this boii

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got discord?

I wish that was my face you were cumming on. Would gladly swallow your load too.

Yes Daddy

join discord

They won't ban it, just like they never ban that stupid Jasri hyena shit and the other forced meme fags.


You know I thought the loli/shota chomo threads were bad... But this is something else, I can't really fathom how obese dudes jacking off can get your dick hard.

But if you like fat guys there's this streamer, wingsofredemption who's real name is jordie Jordan, he's a fat fuck that scammed $13k from his fans in surgery money I think a few yrs ago and he promised he would go to the gym, eat better, and keep the weight from the gastric bypass surgery off. He's a compulsive liar and he used to rage and throw controllers (look up the legendary wings vs syndicate on bog match, that was the beginning of the end for him)