Forced this girl to give me head

Forced this girl to give me head

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How? Asking for a friend.



Told her id knock on her front door if she didn’t. Had brought her alcohol through her window

There's a word for that.

Neat. So you raped her? Good to know.

sure ya did bud


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Nice op is there more?

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She’s hot, any more hot stuff?


You can't force a girl to give head.
You'll get your dick bit off.

God. Her legs are hot

Any more pics of the event?

She is super cute like this

Any pics of her sucking it?

Oh fuck yes she's built for black please post more
It doesn't look forced?

Gotta love that glazed eye look.

Looks more like gentle guidance like it's ok whitegirl suck my big black cock i know you want to

Soo...he was behind all that...

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Please come back op I'm desperate to see/hear more

I guess op is dead

Looks that way :'( I wanted to watch her suck his BBC so bad

confirmed nigger sex offender. If I ID her I will be filing a police report with pics and post as evidence.

Hopefully he comes back eventually. Want to see more

i fucking hate you niggers. I wish i had the strength to do what needs to be done with your """people""" if my life gets any worse maybe I will on the official minecraft server

what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you people fucking sick in the head??

I’m not black mate, but go off

Forced this girl while we dated lots of times. Used to fuck her while she slept and wake her up with my dick inside her. Best was when I was fucking her doggy style and I choked her unconscious, shoved my dick in her ass and held her down when she woke up and frreaked out. I came as soon as she started struggling. And after a while I left her crying and showered. I came back and she was still balled up naked and sobbing.

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she looks like she gives terrible head tbh, pretty face and no skills it always ends up that way

just be careful user-kun, this girl may have people out in the world that will take you out to the woods and come back without you :(

how does it feel to be a rapist?