Rekt thread. softcore edition

rekt thread. softcore edition

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i fucking hate chings

Took me a couple of times.

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The audio on this one makes it even better. Topkek

Took me a while to see what he was doing, but that man is a creep lmao

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Please no blood.

What happened?

nerve gas

now someone post the video of the white girl shitting in a Starbucks and then picking it up and throwing it at the employee

Don't try this at home kids.

that sounds like pure gold's like catatonic or some shit

Nerve gas?

it was brown

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its some sneaky shit.

>when your muscles burn so much oxygen in a flex of lift that your brain is momentarily starved and you pass the fuck out

Did that guy break his own neck??

Never lerned about hindenburg kek

he inhaled some nerve gas

Probably didn't turn his sound off like dipshit.

>*ssssss shsh CLICK!!!*
>no creep thread today

They bumbling idiot rescuers really seals the deal

missed the best part when she was done

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Why is it always white bitches?

Good dogo.
Just defending the children. He thought the children were attacking the bitch

>First blackhate free rekt thread in years
>It's fucking dying

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Play with the cat.
You get shat.

fucking skunks

play stupid games, win stupid prizes


Nice trips emo fagit

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I never understood this. Like how retarded can you be to fucking cut your skin open and leave scars? Jesus christ some people are stupid.

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It feels good to injure yourself? That is one of the most idiotic things I've heard today. You know what feels good? Sex, sleep, and drugs.

Probably someone with autism or social issues who's taught themselves to keep eye contact or something

> he doesn't know cutting releases dopamine

kill yourself

he's shitting himself

He shit the floor

thanks I watched this so many times but never thought to look at his feet

Knocked the fucking blue off of him.

Like... Does he eat them or?

Dude okay, it's like the best cigarette you'll ever have in your life. Legit like, dude, idk, man. Try it one day. When you're so stressed you can't see straight, try it.

death releases dopamine too, faggot, so why don't you go ahead and kill yourself

Imagine thinking that mental illnesses make rational sense.

t. A Mongoloid.

That's not at all what happened

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fucking apes

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Stronk nerve gas

That's at a timmies you mental defective

fucking niggers

shoulda held up something he was holding in his hand and pretended he just took a picture of that

Honey, we're having chicken tonight.

Nice music video faggot.

Niggers are truly fucking animals.

how did you enable audio?

This one always get's me

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I cut myself daily working on equipment.

Tell me about these dopamine

you have to pay for Sup Forums gold. just put your credit card info in the options field and hit post, and it will go through

i have always wondered. where did she learn that from? could it be a learned behavior?

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Stephen McDaniel for you underage newgays

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it says "Error: No text entered."

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Who fills balloons with hydrogen?

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the guy killed someone. he even speaks to the reporter. there is a video on youtube.

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What a boringass thread

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