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I'm currently trying to train my gf to be my sex-slave
she has low self esteem and i'm way more active/open/experienced sexually seen

she doesn't know i want to make her my cum-slut but she already gets that i'm way kinkier than her.
she is willing to try a lot without question and loves to be dominated but still backs away from anal (she's scared of the pain)

i fantasize about her wearing a leather outfit
tieing her up and "torturing" her with a powerful vibrator to make her cum more or less unwillingly multiple time before even fucking her

when she is exhausted and pleasured to a satisfying amount (for me)
then i will fuck her brains out and make her swallow my cum

troughout i will make her beg for more and dominate her in anyway i can

my fetish is getting extremer by the day but i just love to see her getting the best orgasms of her live

Use to suck my mates dad off for the weed me an my mate would smoke.
Ended up been his little cock whore for many many years.

I really wanna fuck one of my cousins, she’s just so beautiful and has some nice tits.

I cant stop thinking about my girlfriend’s best friend

i have been a chronic masturbator since i was 5yo. now i'm 58yo and still masturbate everyday.

I'm cheating on me boyfriend with seven hot studs. I love him and feel sorry for him, but sex is horny, rough and surreal with them. I love and hate it so much, but can't stop myself.

northern ontario canada
i've seen nearly everything on the list, that portal is trippy

My nieces are all really cute, would love to fuck them, one in particular

Same here

Same. Wife knows too.

Their ages?



I'm guessing you have BPD? If he asks you to marry him would you stop? what if they get your pregnant?


10 is the cutest cause she’s a bullet train!

M or F?


I get off to insects we go
>this guy is me ..from years ago
any questions ?

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Soo...he was behind of all that..

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Back in 99, I was the one who let the dogs out.

I hear people have been asking.
Im sorry.

how do you live with yourself?

this is life
you fall then get up "no one win them all"
>still want her cute as fuck


like what happend?

I love jerking to my daughter's socks and sniff them

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>be me
>see this cute girl in school
>i hear the other talking about her she is a hard one
>i tried me luck with her and it did not work
>my cousin ..let us just call him"Robert Aryan" is the one who filmed it
>and now it's belong to the internet
>at the end turns out it was all just a girls X girls jealousy drama

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What about her panties?

My lesbian roomate got blackout drunk at a party and I raped her, and what started with me stripper her off to see her tattoos turned into me raping her.

She doesn't remember the sex, but she knows she was raped but thinks it was some other guy before I got home.

She won't tell anyone because she's worried about her friends finding out she's been penetrated by a man.

She cute tho?

They don't do anything for me

how did pussy that didn't have previous cock in it feel like?

I'm gonna say yes, but it's subjective. She had this 50's vibe, but it included a fuck ton of makeup. When she was all dolled up she looked like a post war pinup. With it scraped off, 6 or 7 out of 10.

Fucked a hooker last week whilst on holidays with the gf...she went and seen her sister who lives in the city we flew too...picked out what I thought was a sexy Japanese chick...what turned up was not in the add...fucked the guts outa her though

I woke up to my friend rubbing his dick on my ass, I didn't move and let him finish cause I thought it was hot, been doing it for about a week now.

did you negotiate the price down?

M or F?


Help the man out and let him smash you

is he cute? was his dick big? do you want him to fuck you while you are "sleeping"?

Nah...but half way through I was like hmmm this chick is actually pretty gross..first time I’ve ever Hired a hooker...bit of a rush but yeah she was pretty gross

I would if he asked but he's a pussy, and no way am I just gonna say "you've been groping me for a while, want to fuck?" also he's kinda cute and has a decent dick

yeah chinks are usually hardwired to be whores so them being ugly is kinda just part of the gig. how much did she charge you? I live in a wealthy city so they charge outrageous amounts and go to 5 star restaurants before hand to be shown off

do you currently have a boy friend? would you want him to fuck you in the ass? are you sure he hasn't groped you before?

1. No
2. Sure, why not?
3. Don't think so

tits or gtfo

Was iN Melbourne down here in Australia..she charged me $300 for a hour..but after looking further on the website I realised that a lot of the Asian ladies just use a generic good looking Asian chick as their photo and then send whatever they have laying around..there’s a lot of high end escorts in our big cities down here that you have to wine and dine before you fuck them

do you try to be more flirty with him lately? does he act differently around you?

Go back to pornhub

Hey I travel to Mel sometimes. What website did you find her on?

rule 31, fucker

I've been trying to play it dumb, I've been thinking of sleeping naked but that's too on the nose. He has been acting weird but I've been ignoring it, shit like "how did you sleep?" even tho he barely talked to me before.

Not my problem fag
First site that popped up when I was looking...I was staying in one of the crown hotels there for a week so they had no issues in a out call

Every fucking thread, shut up already

Larper detected

even though it's worked against me in every step of my life, i'm glad i have a social phobia. because it's the only thing holding me back from being a full blown sissy slut. my biggest fantasy is to be gangbanged by anonymous dudes in a motel room while fucked up on drugs. i know it's depraved and risky, so i'm happy i still have a shred of rationality to keep from making bad decisions.

>even tho he barely talked to me before.
what is your definition of a friend? what do you wear when you sleep and does he take off the cloths or rub his dick on you through the fabric? maybe try going to sleep with a loose tank top and accidentally letting a loose titty out.

love to talk about incest experiences and fantasies. wickr @ chasingwind19

>sissy slut
M or F?
>gangbanged by anonymous dudes in a motel room while fucked up on drugs
how come you think you have this fantasy? did you have a good relationship with your parents? were you ever diddled? is your self worth tied to if men want to fuck you or not?

>sissy slut
>M or F?

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Years ago I stole some pictures of my neighbor's daughter off a digital camera.

Telegram is JohnGarvey9 if want face or story.

You should eventually gangbang her/do a gloryhole and you fuck other girls.

If only everyone else was lucky like that

training her to be your cum slut is hot. training her to be a cum slut so other guys can use her? disgusting cuck

>M or F?
>all the other questions.
great relationship with parents, never diddled. just always obsessed with sex ever since puberty. started off with straight porn, then shemales and now a bit of gay porn. in my 30s, just at a point in my life where i don't care about labels and want to try all kinds of stuff. the main porn i watch is hardcore anal gangbangs, so naturally, it's what i want to experience.

I’ve fucked a few girls while they were sleeping/passed out. Always turned out well.

not gonna let her get gangbanged
not a cuck here
but will try to get her to watch me fuck another chick
and let her lick my dick and the other girls pussy clean after being finished

you're right

seems to be a cuck ...
feel sorry for him ....

I am Spartacus!

me and my sister have regularly been doing lewd things together since we were 7 years old. it started as the steriotypical games we would play since our parents would leave us home alone often due to both of them working and over time evolved into more sexual things before either of us even knew what sex was or had any form of sex-ed in school

Moms car tried to fonger my in the back of her friend

I get slutty, dress/skirt, heels, butt plug. Head out to bars or clubs to have an adventure.

Why dont you make it into one of those really fake porno situations for yourselves? Duh...

Do exactly what you said, “alright asshole, i know youve been groping me the last few times, what you dont know was i was awake and let you, now we’re gonna fuck and it better be good.”

He’ll be so surprised and shocked he’d have no other choice but to do so.

If he really doesn’t fuck then jeez idk.. but im at a solid 7-8/10 he’d do it. Plus win/win right? FUCK HIM! Itd be fun

Start jerking him off next time

why the fuck do these threads exist all the time? is this some type of fucking AI machine learning happening? and all you faggots fall for it, pathetic.

In high school my otherwise nerdy and straightlaced girlfriend shocked me in our senior year band trip by engaging in a gangbang. I fucking dumped her after but it was crazy.

Bitch how are you gonna ask if its an AI yet make these fucking assumptions? Get a fucking life and leave your room once in a fucking while and you’ll realize shit that happens in these threads are some if not the most real situations going on. Its shit people take to their grave but tell on here due to anonymity.

>this one time at band camp

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

My brother-in-law is a Jets fan. We all feel terrible for him.

I see you V!

This guy has been larping since before I came on Sup Forums regularly

Lol “Sure Jan”

Have a (you)
Have your daily dose of attention and fuck off slut unless you are posting you fine ass tits and timestamp again go back to lurking

Just a loophole against the feds so you dont get v& for sharing here

I didn't fucking say they weren't real, I said you're literally giving your secrets to AI, which will one day fuck you over. So have fun with your AI robot that keeps an eye on you for your secrets you reveal here. Dumb fuck.

written by a dude with an alexa set up and a ring camera on his door

I know that my stepdaughter is sexually active, and her mom doesn't know.

She's 11 and no, no adult is involved with her, it's all kid-on-kid stuff, which is why I let it happen

i'm too poor for alexa and ring lol

How do you know? Has she had "the talk?"

Lol i remember when you used to post paragraphs to describe your secret sup v

>How do you know?
caught her with her (female) best friend, with the friend having her head right into her exposed crotch

When I asked wtf they were doing, they panicked, but eventualy her friend confessed that she was curious to see if her pussy would look different after having been fucked

>Has she had "the talk?"
After that incident I had it with her, turns out she knew already a lot from sex ed at school

how old are the guys?
have you seen any photos/videos?

she has a 12yo boyfriend and is bi-curious with her 11yo female best friend
As far as I know, no one else touched her.

No, I haven't seen anything

>after having been fucked
did she tell you about guys your stepdaughter supposedly fucked?

she has a boyfriend, who is one year older than her.
Neither me nor her mom expected them to be already at the fucking point in their relationship though. We thought it was more like, a close friend who happened to be a boy rather than a real boyfriend

Why are you keeping it a secret from the wife?

I'm not a sissy but similar thing social thing keeps me from blowing all my cash on higherish end female escorts (600-1200 range). My dislike of being in public and dealing with people has kept me away for a couple years now.

Knowing my wife, it would result in her being grounded until she's 18