Ask an army recruiter anything

ask an army recruiter anything

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How much are the Jews paying you?


Do you enjoy getting dumb kids killed?

lmao, you're dumber than them then

spit or swallow?

Are you gay? Do you like communal showering?

Do you feel good about providing NSA/CIA gangsters with cannon fodder to protect their drug trade?

What’s it like being so mind controlled?

To have young men die in the Middle East?

How much are the Jews paying you?

Why do you take advantage of the underprivileged?

Going by flag US?
Can allied countries non citizens join?
Specifically ANZUS.

How many Iraqis died during the 2003 invasion?

How do you feel about transgender troops? Is there some hidden tactical advantage to having a soldier who is 46% as likely to kill himself as he is to kill the enemy, or is the whole thing just a Jewish plot to weaken America's army for WWIII?

Do you get off to sending people to their deaths?

are you okay with US imperialism ?

And how many of them were women and children?

Expect some idiotic replies, school just got it and b is worse than ever.


Yeah cause the men wanted to get blown up too.

who cares about sandniggers, ask a real question

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Ask a real question.

Real question :

op here
why do you hate army recruiters so much lol?

How many of the guys you trained with were fags?

Considering joining, and I'm gay af

If I enroll right now can i drive a tank!?!?!?!?!?

Because you don’t answer questions.

Do you dream of cock and bukakke?

>ask me anything
>why are you saying mean things about me
you chose to do an ama on Sup Forums the only reason you would want do an ama here is if you hate yourself and want people to affirm your self loathing.

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Why did you join the army? Are you a pussy?

Sincerely, A crayon eater.

Because they send young men off to die for short term economic gain.

And if you volunteer in the next 15min, we will also add:
PRE traumatic stress disorder! Why see violence? Stress now, kill later.
* Another tank!
Twice as nice.
* Syphallis
Save your $$, we’ll just inject you with it.
* Camo gear
Never find anything again!
* Yelling
Don’t like to listen? Well now you don’t need to!

I failed the drug test at meps for weed after a long bit i was able to get a make up test and pass in order to get a waiver but they say i need 15 colledge credits since all i have is a ged is there a way around this?

You need college credits to get shot/blown up?

That's a surprise

Do I need to be circumcised to join up?

Your gay Staff Sarnt

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How awesome is it to stay in the states and fuck the wives and girlfriends of the men you've sent overseas to die you fucking Jody!

Just take stupid easy classes like freshman comp and remedial algebra. 15 credits at a community college is a breeze

recruiters don't train troops, drill sergeants do. doesn't everyone know this?

umm... you think that the recruiters, or even army generals, decide when and where to send troops? Well, civics classes have failed the country, that's for sure.

Why did you lie to me?

At least I don't lure kids in with illusions of glory just to get them crippled and traumatized. You're just a piece of shit

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Do you still think they are ignorant enough to not know they are lying to people?

They say that in the army the recruiters are always gay

Left right left right

Shoot them in the face shoot the in the face


The people in this theard just gave me brain cancer at least now i dont have to finsh out my contract

never said anything about lying, just that they're not the ones to send kids to die. recruiters get kids to join, politicians then decide to send those kids to their death.

well, politicians used to, but now they've pretty much let that power fall to the president, so it's Trump who gets to kill the kids these days.

He is endoctrinated

mfw taking advantage of willing job applicants


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Trump pulled the troops "kinda" out and gave them a bump in pay


Why do you lie to recruits? I get that we're just heads to you guys. I just don't understand why you lie to us.

should the army start recruiting children?
they're smaller and harder to spot, harder to shoot, require less food and water, are lighter and quieter, and learn skills very fast.

by "kinda out", you mean moved them from a place they had mostly under control to a place they didn't, then added more?

By pay bump, you mean the 3.1% pay raise that's automatically set according to economic projections, and Trump's only involvement is not trying to stop it?

I mean, I like that you're trying to support "your guy", but facts are still facts.

I do have one genuine question. I was an inch away from joining the army about 10 years ago and the recruiter was telling me all about how I was a shoe-in for becoming a engineer/technician of some kind for a missile team. I forgot what it was called exactly, it was something along the lines of "PATRIOT MISSILE TEAM." That said, I only had a high school education and I didn't score super high on the attitude test they had me take.

Do you honestly think I would've been made into a missile technician or was the recruiter just trying to trick me into joining? I ended up chickening out because I spoke to one of my dad's friends who was in the military and he told me that recruiters lie their ass off. I didn't want to end up being some grunt being sent out into combat.

How often do you give out waivers for retards with a dui?
Also, if I join with a DUI do I automatically get promoted seeing as how they are basically a badge of honor in the infantry units?

Fucking kill yourself

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Not OP but vet here:

With the Army, you'll have your job listed in your contract before you sign it. Now you'll have to keep on your toes at MEPS, as they'll try to pressure you into whatever they need at the times, and will sometimes lie to you and tell you it's too late to back out, but until you actually sign the contract, you haven't passed the point of no return. When I went in, I had already decided what MOS I wanted, and MEPS tried to pull some bullshit and get me into something else. I told the guy exactly what job I wanted, and that if he couldn't put it on my contract, I was going to leave. He tried to pull some sort of bullshit, told him I was going to go sit in a chair over by the wall and wait for my recruiter to show up and take me back to his office. Guess what, he managed to get me setup for my MOS.

It's really about knowing what you want and sticking up for yourself.

You know nothing

Do you ever feel bad about lying to the kids you recruit?

why can't suicidal old people join the army? They could pull some real ballsy martyrdom moves. Imagine the possibilities of sending a bunch of old people on a mission on which they know they won't be coming back

Not a current recruiter but a former one. Like every other career there are good and bad reps and because of the service overseas and length of contract the bad recruiter stories hold a lot of weight but end of the day it’s still a personal choice by the recruiter to straight up lie about shit.

Some out there are really just trying to help out a kid who is desperate to do anything with their life and get the fuck outta their abusive environment.

How do I become a Ranger

I-551 Card holders can join and can earn citizenship through service however they are limited to non security clearance jobs until they get citizenship and can pass a background check

Not particularly a fan. The guidance essentially states that the SM will serve under their birth gender though so anyone joining at this point that’s trans cannot get operations on the taxpayers dime

Join as an 11B, become cream of crop meat head, stand out because PT, get selected to go to the course. Or sign a contract with it specified but if you wash out you lose all your bonuses. If truly interested I’d suggest option 1 so if you fail you still retain your enlistment bonus

Do you get people looking to join where you just immediately tell them that this isn't for them? What sorts of people fall into this category?

Yes and no pending recruiters personal ethics. If you came into the office and disclosed you had a history of depression I would personally push for you to not join but end of the day recruiters process paperwork, they don’t decide who’s in and out.

is it true that the american army bribes the famillys of civilian casualties(wounded or killed by the american army) in order to prevent controversy?

Would you reject me for crohns disease

How do you feel having joined the most shit tier of branches?

Shouldve joined the Marines faggot. Rah.

I’ve got an M.S. in mechanical engineering. What are my opportunities?

Ex military fag here not that bad tbh

You do some traveling meet incredible people and if you got the humor for it the roast the drill sgts say are funny

Who does decide who's in and out then? And what criteria do they use?

Automatic 1st Lieutenant if you comission. Come in with a Ph.D and you start as a captain.

How many boots do you lick?

Where are you stationed atm? If I’m the Bay Area, can I come chill with you in your office and suck your dick? :3

>licking boots
That would be fraternization with lower ranking enlisted personnel, which is frowned upon greatly.

Is the army a great place to get some gay sex with your battle buddies? Looking to get barebacked no commitment

Above national average. If you're looking for a sure thing, go Navy.


Sorry but it’s full of nothing but straight men and sexy women. The army is where it’s at as far as homosexual activity goes. They haze for it and they beg for it. The army is cock hungry.

Whats your opinion on the virginia gun confiscation proposal?

How difficult is RASP

I heard the chair force is where teh real action is.

Yes. Autoimmune is a disqualifying conditionin

Military entry processing station decides who qualifys based on ASVAB, history of medical conditions, and legal record. Criteria can be found in 40-501 for medical conditions and Accessions Options Criteria for legal issues and education qualifiers

Never been through it. Wouldn’t be able to give specifics but the attrition rate is roughly 60-70 percent

Probably. Especially in Counter Insurgency times they were trying to make peaceful relationships with the villages around the bases so it would be probable that they would handle incidental casualties in this manner to keep good faith.


Complete bullshit if it was targeted against law abiding citizens. Can only speak from personal opinion but I believe that banning assault style weapons isn’t the answer because more havoc could be caused by a shotgun in the right hands than some tard running around with an AR-15. Id like to see more focus on the mental health side of it personally as we in the military can attest that poor mental health leads to shit decisions. Plenty of friends and acquaintances that have offed themselves during or after service

Chair force racks up all the fucking 9s and 10s in the services.

I talked to an army recruiter many years ago, then I joined the Navy.

>I was actually serious about the first part

Would you fight for Trump? Would you fight because Trump (who have never once lied in his life) says you need to fight to protect America? Given what we know about Putin's control over Trump, would you fight on Trump's orders?

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Not a missile tech but working around them and maybe firing them off and knowing what they can do and shit like that but not wirking on them you can get out after like 5 years and work for the company that makes them

Ets'd 2 months ago out of Fort Carson, I had to have someone proxy clear because we got like a foot of snow and they shut post down my last day. How do I go get my VA id and my DD-214?

Wanted to join Army but my recruiters wouldn't let me report weed smoking or a disorderly conduct when I was 15 for being out after dark in a park. Planned on going career so I was worried about TS clearance, Air Force said it was no problem so I reported it all to them.

Do recruiters actually get in any sort of trouble if recruits sperg out, lie, and then snitch on the recruiters?