Christianity Today: 'Trump Should Be Removed from Office'

Christianity Today: 'Trump Should Be Removed from Office'

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still ur president

pence my precedent

Well, he is The Prince of Lies after all. About time some Christians recognized the anti-Christ.

>Obscure Bible-thumping fundie publication says Trump should be removed from office

Shit, that's just one more reason to support Trump in my opinion. If he's making the Jesus freaks snivel, he can't be all that bad.

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This. Anyone that makes religious nutjobs cry in frustration has gotta be doing something right.

Probably less sniveling at trump and more salivating over pence’s stupid evangelical ass.

>enjoys fucking hot bitches

Yeah, not seeing the issue here. Just another reason to vote for him, tbh.

any liberal democrat candidate

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Nah, woke far left pearl clutching perpetually offended Twitter tard libs are just as bad as Jesus freaks.

>far left

pick one

Then the vast majority of drooling fucktard leftists must adore him.

>implying there's a difference at this point.


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>drooling fucktards

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user, googling "Antifa" brings thousands of images of violent thugs dressed exactly like Isis militants, complete with a signature flag. You're only proving the other Anons point.

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Prince is a bit too kind and attractive of a word to describe him but yeah.

Looks like every pink haired obese Democrat rally I've ever seen. Again, refer to

These people are really terrible. A lot of people complain about liberals, and honestly, there's justified reasons to do so. But at least liberals have some social activism behind their anger. A better purpose. Trump is only pure hatred and arrogance. Nothing else.

Oheah, I was about say it just looks like the Trumpet version of the typical Democrat gathering. Hell, the typical Antifa gathering just looks like Isis fighters after hiding in the parents basement doing meth for 6 months.

I'm not sure this is a big deal outside of twitter and CNN.

strawman fallacy

You really think every single person who dislikes Trump is some fat 20-something woman with dyed hair that loves tumblr?

Go outside and see the real world. Also, so hating so much. It's exhausting.

that's a very small, niche movement. Those images show any normal Trump rally

True. At least Trumpsters have a legitimate reason behind their rage fueled activism. Far leftists are just filled with blind, baseless violent bigotry and hate.

Exactly. The fringe left extremists are absolutely horrible. At least you can understand the reasoning behind the more zealous Trump supporters. Not so with domestic terror leftist sects.

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Christianity has been subverted long ago. So any large group or magazine that says something, just know there are Jews, fags & kid diddlers behind it.

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don't mix antifa with mainstream, because they are not. You don't find antifa at every democratic rally.
Those pictures of enraged, fat, yelling people ARE your common Trump rally supporter, on the other hand.

True. The more militant Trump supporters are just small niche groups. The rampaging rioter violent far lefist comprise the typical Democrat gathering. Hence why there's so much property damage & so many arrests everytime the left holds a gathering.

That's actually an interesting point.


Yikes, you find antifa wherever there is a Republican rally, yah retard.

Yeah, no denying that. The massive number of arrests, destroyed buildings & assaults that occur during the usual Democrat rally is to be expected. Nothing surprising about it anymore.

user is correct.

Bingo. That's pretty true.

Nigs gonna nog

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repeated what I said. hahaha

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>Christianity is gay

I have yet to see a valid, reasonable supporter of Donald Trump. Of course I don't expect to see it on Sup Forums of all places, but even in real life.

Trump behaves like a petulant child and it's no wonder his supporters do the same.

If your only argument for Trump is "ree look at the antifa!!". You really need to reassess your life and political affiliation. And possibly grow up. But I assume most Trump supporters on Sup Forums are either under-aged or early to mid 20s.

haha, that's a good one.

>"Trump supporters act like petulant children"
>Democrats spending the past 3 years in a perpetual tantrum over Trump winning
>Pelosi now refusing to turn the House articles of impeachment over to the Senate, crying on Twitter because the Senate will find him innocent
>every Democrat rally turns into a violent riot with Antifa assaulting anyone they suspect being a Trump supporter

Yeah, you should rethink your claim, Rabbi.

> that's just one more reason to support Trump in my opinion.

I don't understand why the word "more" is in your sentence.

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Being a Satanist myself, you're just adding to my list of reasons I support Trump.

Fuck, I'm an atheist, but this faggots meme makes me wanna vote Trump now. Damien was bad ass in the original Omen movies.

My face when the conversation is about impeachment, law, and politics, but Trumpards jump in and call everybody stupid names and have nothing else to say.

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Kek! Same.

>expecting intelligent discussion
>from Sup Forumstards
>on fucking Sup Forums

I mean, you do have pretty retarded expectations.....

It's a "random" forum.
If intelligent discussion were excluded, it would not truly be "random".
That's how they cracked Enigma. It wouldn't code a character as itself.

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