Remember that time Kylo Ren stole the Tesseract?

Remember that time Kylo Ren stole the Tesseract?

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remember when emporer palpatine wasn't dead, just hiding?

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remember when this guy used light space skipping to evade the first order?

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the skipping

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Post gifs faggot. Fuck disney fuck star wars

Pretty sure no one cares

remember when princess Lea was training Rey?

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that's fuckin brilliant
i need a script to convert mkv to gif
then post each one
with subtitles

it's a sithe wayfinder used to travel to execal
where emperor palpatine is secretly building an army

"Nice friend"
the fucking cringe

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Kylo is wearing a mask made from Darth Vader's helmet

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where can I stream / download this, lads
the ones I found are already down

I have such a big crush on adam driver, wy wife doesnt get it at all lol

remember when they fly now?

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Is it as bad as all the leaks said?

gg newfag

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Have you tried napster?
What about limewire?

Palestine was blown up in a fucking exhaust shaft.

JESUSw tittyfucking Christ I can’t believe red letter media called this movies plot months ago.

every member of the rebellion is a minority in some way.

Every member of the first order AND the sithe army are white males. Except these "strong womyn" that are in charge of the sithe army.

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the dialog is incredibly bad and cringeworthy
I'm seriously wondering if Adam Sandler was a ghost writer.

holy fuck this is bad

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of course the quick sand throws the gang into a cave where they find a random dagger with the coordinates to the sithe wayfinder inscribed.
C3PO can read it but can't translate due to a senate order, obvious foreshadowing is obvious.

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We’ve come a long way from womprats

remember when Rey touches a worms vagina to keep it from eating the gang?

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it's the flip from the trailers!

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this is the second time they've used suspension wires to zero effect

it's incredibly fucking obvious

fuck i hate this movie

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the sithes caught chewie and the dagger

throughout the first half of the movie Fin keeps commenting on the arab guy's actions and how "shifty" they are. With chewie captured, the droid's memory needs to be ready. which is only done by criminals. which the ay-rab happens to know, because he's "shifty"

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"Hands. For Chewie"

the fucking cringe

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got a new, formerly abused pet robot

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he was a spice runner
just to fuck up the new dune movie coming out

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bout to wipe c3po
"If this mission fails, it was all for nothing"
fuck this movie

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