How does it feel knowing Bernie Sanders is going to be the next US president?

How does it feel knowing Bernie Sanders is going to be the next US president?
>Highest approval rating of any currently federal level politician
>All of his policies range from 50-95% approval nationally
>Most campaign contributions of any candidate
>Most individual donors
>Largest campaign staff and volunteer force (1 million strong)
Who is ready for Medicare-For-All, $15/hour minimum wage, tuition-free college, breaking up the banks, ending the endless wars we're in, pushing back not only on Israel but also the Saudis, and getting dark money out of politics?

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> 106 years old

> implying an Independent will win the Democrat primary

i think you forgot what happened the last time someone tried to do such things

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Will mysteriously be milled during late night 'mugging'

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That stupid old communist fart will never be president of anything.

If Trump steps down ( i dont believe the Senat will allow that to happen ) then Pence will be next in Line....

Electric Conversion from Gay to Straight incoming .... are you into Cock and Ball Torture user ?

OP is a Faggot!


Don't get so hung up on his "socialist" term. Police, fire, library are all there for everyone to use and that's also considered "socialist." But no one's going around saying those things are communism.

In order to make a point, at least one of your claimed "facts" has to be, unironically, factual. Trump has a better record of truth thanj thou.

Since Copmala dropped out the SJW voting block has no one to support, it's Bernie v Biden, two old white men, so he doesn't have the push back from the DMC like he did with $hillary. He'll either win or be assassinated

There is a very narrow pathway to victory, since the DNC have made it no secret they will tip the scales against Sanders once again, but if Warren, Biden and Buttigieg continue to struggle to define themselves and split the votes among them, Sanders may be able to win enough votes to carry the day.

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Ever read 1984?

Do you not realize that Bernie Sanders is there to keep people hoping? His purpose is to trick you into thinking the game can be won, and to draw out all the people who are dangerous enough to still be prepared to try and make a difference. America was sold off decades ago. The game is rigged, you can not win, it's specifically designed to prevent the population from winning.

You are born into a Monopoly game with 2 players that own all the properties. It's over before it starts.

Don't waste time trying to explain anything to people who can't differentiate between 'communism', 'socialism' and 'Marxism'. Their 'minds' are made up for them by their corporate overlords.

JFK was a degenerate strung out on amphetamines coke and all of the shitty legal meds they used on people at the time. He couldn't even tie his shoes some mornings and would work from bed. Almost got us into a nuclear holocaust scenario.

=/= comparison, try again

>breaking up the banks
pushing back not only on Israel

OP is trolling or has reached new heights of naiveté

Im going to screenshot this for a ylyl thread next year

Things can change through popular action. Hell, Trump’s supporters have shattered the old system of elite, technocratic management of society. Read Sheldon Wolin. If you read him in 2014, he would be spot on. Now he reads like a relic. People can change the system, though as Trump’s supporters have shown, not necessarily for the better.

This. All political contests should be decided by caged death matches. We wouldn't be getting people any worse then we do now, things could be decided in an hour rather than having to hear about it for months, and best of all, every "election" would mean there's one less politician.

This old old old man wont win. But GG on stirring up the bottom of the barrel of trolls.

It'll feel great when this happens. Finally normal people will have a fighting chance at a reasonable life instead of being preyed upon by crony capitalism.

Right now, it's terrible for 90% of us out here, just getting shafted left and right by the corrupt billionaires

You'd be surprised user, a lot of American Jews don't really care that much about Israel. Hardly any of them are particularly religious, Jews have the highest rate of atheism of any ethnic group.
Without the religion, there isn't much reason to care about Israel. They acknowledge that a homeland is a good idea but they like being American more and they usually think that Israel's foreign policy and west bank antics just cause more terrorist problems for USA.

Sanders thinks the same as most leftists, that peace is good and the west bank occupation is bad. He'd definitely push back on Israel.
Unfortunately, this is one of the big reasons why AnyoneButSanders is going to be the theme in the DNC.

>a lot of American Jews don't really care that much about Israel

What I meant is regular American Jews and this happens to include Sanders as an independent. Of course the ADL and the influence peddlers in both the DNC and the RNC are zionists, we all know that. Which is one reason why the DNC would hate Sanders. Wall St is another.

It would be similar if an arch-Republican were to tell Israel to fuck off, their own party would eat them alive.

atheist jews still behave like jews. As usual they might pretend to be on both sides of the fence but they all like the idea of a place to escape to when they commit crimes in their host nations

If the dems chose Bernie he will be destroyed. American public has been brainwashed to think his social reform plans are something like communism. Also he just had a FUCKING heart attack! There is no way swing voters will go for that. He is doing great in the primaries but when the heavy hitters start pouring the big dollars into soiling his favorability he will come out looking in-American.

Sanders is just blowing smoke up people asses with government subsidy programs being promised as free stuff. Take the free collage. Does he talk about nationalizing the countries university systems? Does he talk about making all colleges non-profits or salary caps? College already has government subsidies and all that has done is raise costs. After Bernie instead of getting $10k of subsidy for $40k costs you'll get $30k for $120k costs

I don’t think this is exactly correct but close enough.

dipshits that would vote for trump anyway were brainwashed
you're literally lying or ignorant that's not how he'd go about this

Yeah, but that’s the older generation. There was a recent poll that was shocking: of people under 40, 70% would vote for a socialist, and around 36% looked on communism favorably. If Sanders can actually get the nomination, he can trounce Trump. But he might not be able to get around the Democratic Party to secure the nomination first.

stupid fucks, raising wages means raising prices. nothing is gonna change.

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President Trump is starting to run away with the 2020 election.

In the second poll in two days to show his advantage, the latest YouGov/Economist "electability" survey found the president leading the top tier of Democratic challengers from 6 points to 41 points among registered voters, even amid his impeachment.

In the survey, 40% said that former Vice President Joe Biden would “probably beat Donald Trump.” But 46% said Biden would “probably lose to Donald Trump.”

Against Sen. Bernie Sanders, the margin favored Trump 57%-31%.

Trump also leads Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 57%-27%.

And against South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, he is up 59%-18%.

You are forgetting that s-word he throws around that will sink his campaign for president.

This is a new poll btw....and it's not a Republican polling group

he's getting my vote no matter what
i voted for trump last election just because hillary was ass


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But that's taking into account the rise in authoritarian support from European millenials. Doesn't really apply to the US: where we have been fighting authoritarians day 1.

that commie fag will never get into office

I don't really like the guy and he hasn't put many specifics out because he isn't the candidate yet, but he is likely to push for a tobin tax or some sort of tax on pension fund investments to retire student debt.

>Triple funding for the Work-Study Program. By tripling funding for this program, we can build valuable career experiences for students that will help them after they graduate.Today, this program provides about $1,760 per year to some 700,000 students. When we are in the White House, we will expand the program to reach at least 2.1 million students – a 1.4 million student increase. And we will ensure that funding targets schools that have large low-income student enrollment.

I think this is the major point of the plan. They will blow up the number of work-study jobs as a way to create more administrative positions in the universities. More administrators and make-work for students. More money and more lemmings.

Oh boy! The retarded one!

He won't accomplish half of that, but better to fail at doing something good than to succeed at doing something terrible.

Well at least this user is based instead of being another "omg cummunism" retard

That could only happen if Trump wins the election and THEN steps down. Pence couldn't win a competition to find the best vice president named Pence.

Take a backup of whole Sup Forums site for when Trump loses. I will laugh my ass off retards who suck him off daily here

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Based and blackpilled. The ones saying "Muh bernie will save us from the swamp" are the same type of people who thought that Trump will save them. It's all a show.

Trump is exactly the same as Sanders. He's a freakshow drawing attention and eventually blame. The elites are having a field day with him, and when his term(s) are over he will be hung to dry if needed.

I doubt the American infrastructure will ever recover from the damage he will be blamed for.

if nothing he'll at least boost morale in the youth

the people telling you it's rigged want it to be rigged. cuz they're lazy cunts themselves. shit aint rigged.

if ur born poor chances of u ballin out in ur 20's is extremely fucking slim. ur gna ball out in ur 40's if u work smart and ur kid will get to ball out in their 20's if u play ur cards right.

saying system is rigged is like saying the lotto is rigged. u know ur chances at luck stop bitching and work smart.

fuck trump but praise him too cuz he flared his neck and the other snakes started pokin their lil snake heads up out the grass.

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in the words of Joyner Lucas,

Snakes in the grass, tryna slither fast
I just bought a fuckin' lawn mower

'Lucky you' aside, your on to something

>$15/hour minimum wage
That he touts and didn't even pay his own campaign team until he was found out.

Stop rooting for this guy since you believe you'll then earn 15 an hour but never achieve that on your own.

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>all there for everyone to use and that's also considered "socialist."
By no one but bearded Marxist professors and their gullible students.

Heart Attack 2021!

You know, redefining words and pretending everything is the same isn't actually an argument, it's just doublespeak.

Don't waste time trying to explain anything to people who randomly put 'quotes' around words

I'd support this.

So very sad. Please get help.

FUCKING GREAT!!! A President who is for the people and not the 1% would be such a nice fucking change for once.

BERNIE 2020!!


>if nothing he'll at least boost morale in the youth
Yes, it is good to have youthful hopes crushed. Prevents them from persisting with a peter pan world view.

Nah, I want my president to understand basic math and not push for things nazis supported

Minimum wage will eventually reach $15hr. It may take until 2025 or 2030, but it will get there. Remember that in 1970 the minimum wage was $1.45. Now it's $9.89. But add $5hr to it in any short time... laugh on!

>I want my president to understand basic math and not push for things nazis supported

guess trumps outta the equation then retard

JFK is a very fair comparison though in terms of policy and actually caring about people. Yes he very well may had been a good looking life of the party type when young and was a cheater, but he was on drugs all the time during his presidency because he had Addison's disease and experienced severe fatigue and physical pain.

People often don't stop to think about how much it matters how your body feels. Old people are often grumpy because they're just struggling to live.

feels good man

>If Trump steps down ( i dont believe the Senat will allow that to happen)

That's a really interesting thing you just said that made me think differently about all this... what if Trump WANTS to be done with all this, but the movement he created is so big that Congress Republicans won't let him leave? They threw a captain's hat on his head and told him he has to go down with the ship or else.

I came here for Bernie memes,not political discussion. Anyone got the one where he gets zapped by Trump?

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The 5ruth about his popularity hurts you, doesn't it?

Says the faggot who's parents paid for him to go to college like a good boy.

If you're not willing to try, just let the people who want a better future do what they can and don't be a doomsayer.

There will be a world after you, there was a world before you, the attitude and will of the people currently living around you is the only thing that matters in defining your reality

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If you're referring to tRump supporters, then true, they are getting triggered.

except Bernie has a proven track record for fighting for the people (see: all of the protests he's been in, his voting record, etc. etc.) and isn't beholden to big business's interest.
if anything he'll be too uncompromising and get nothing done, but it's not like republicans are willing to compromise anyway

It's sort of sad that most US immigrants are accused of being spies of the countries they left, when the truth is they hate those countries more than anyone. You'll never find someone who has more shit to say about Saigon (US immigrants still defiantly call it that) than ex-Viets

You actually believe this shit.

immigrants are unironically based. if they're legal, chances are they're rich and smart as very few are accepted, and if they're illegal they do the dirty jobs, commit less crimes than native US citizens, and pay more taxes than they take in through social services.

also, immigrants are the only real way to avoid a japan-style economic/population collapse. the birth rate is falling and it ain't coming back up.

Make it pay-per-view and watch the deficit vanish.

Put me in the screencap

How high are you?

what part of what I said is wrong? I can give you proof of each of the claims if you'd like...

All of it you filthy Communist.

Truly scared & satisfied if it happens. Because all you fucking Socialist can say it wasn't really Socialism if it does fuck everything up. Then if he doesn't get anything done because Congress keeps him from ruining the country then everyone will complain that he was never given a chance to ruin the system.

Japan is actually retarded, it is a clear example of how racial nationalism leads to economic collapse.

If Japan took in ANY fucking mouthbreathing uneducated refugee population, whether they be SEA, African, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, whatever the fuck, their GDP would greatly expand but as it is they just don't have enough living, breathing bodies to fill basic service positions so they have to make use of automation that just doesn't actually work yet.

>illegal immigrants commit less crime
>shitty jobs
>illegal immigrants probably richer
also didn't google well enough but it makes sense. only those rich enough to get on a plane and survive without a job for a few months are the ones likely to immigrate legally.

educate yourself, liberal.

while you idiots were arguing about the intricacies of politics and money, I was doing some real research.

way to bring it all back home, based zoomy coomer

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Hes going to ne very old in 2024. Think he'll be up for it?