How old are you? How long you been coming here? How often?

How old are you? How long you been coming here? How often?

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To start off, I’m in my early 30s. Checked Sup Forums out, out of curiosity like 5 years ago. Branched out to some other boards (/p/, etc.). Still check Sup Forums once in a while, like a couple times a month. Not a fan of all the traps.

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Mid 30s, started about 2007, old enough to remember Nevada Tan.

Not as regularly as I used to, usually a couple times a week, and then be absent for months at a time.

Used to be on a lot during my downtime while in Iraq/afghanistan to pass the time.

Is there anyone left on this board under 30?

unfortunetly there is... I'm 22 and I`ve been here since 2015

Late 30s. Been coming regularly since around 2006/2007. Coming of times a week, I guess.

That's cool. It's (still) a good place to fuck around when you're bored.

Mid 30's - Been coming here since...maybe college? 2004? Not sure when Sup Forums started.

I mainly hit up B for amateur nudes and meme's. Also conspiracy shit. The racist shit makes me lulz also.

Not into traps, lots of sissy boy shit...but honestly now a days, there are a few traps I wana dick down.

I'm old enough to have been born while the Beatles were still together. First came here 2011ish and still pop in when I'm bored at work, usually to just shake my head and wonder why I came back at all. And yet, I here I am again.


No idea. I just have some pics of her under a folder named Ashley.

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Nice try dataminer. 28, since I was 19. I originally started lurking Sup Forums, then moved on to /k/ and /out/. Never posted till a few years ago. I come back here every week or so too see if there's still only wwyd and IG threads here. I browse k and out probably daily.

I am 12 and what is this?

27 now.
Been coming to Sup Forums since i was 14

from the minute i wake up until i go to sleep. since 2006. literally every day. no job no friends no responsibilities just waiting to die.

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35 15 years. Faggots can’t sage.

Who’s the chick?

21, been here most days since I was 10

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Who dis?

>everyone's an oldfag
>Sup Forums is absolutely shit

you're all obviously 20 years old. quit lying you colossal faggots.

I'm 27 and started coming on here back in 2011, when Sup Forums started going to shit. I was lucky enough to see some decent threads back in the day though

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Ashley Pitz

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I’m 23
Almost daily out of fear because I accidentally leaked pics of my gf w face 5 years ago
around 2013-14 I came here

I'm 28 been checking regularly since 2009 ish. Not sure why I bother tbh, it's mostly bullshitters, porn and edgey morons


since 2007

on and off but come back mostly now for shouldn't share threads.

You share, or just to see the content?

Hnng see why can't we just have some nice cunny threads on here instead of IR spam shit. That's a nice legal age teen you have there user here have another sweet legal age 18+ teen

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Who is she to you?

Damn she's hot! Anymore?

Nothing, just a girl I saved off here

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23, I started coming here in 7th grade. It really fucked up my sexual development.

36, 2008, and rarely.

I'm bored by most of this place and the internet itself and I feel bad that I think of everyone here as boring. Occasionally I can find good advice or a laugh here so I keep coming back.

I was already fucked when I came in '06 lolz
Loved trolling and raids in the oldfag days
28 now, these days I only come to Sup Forums to fap for a few minutes then go to /gif/ for a proper coom
I spend the rest of my time on Sup Forums and Sup Forums

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33, been here randomly from 2004-2007, regularly lurking since Dunn Dunn.

mid 30s, I came here in the beginning, left when the great cp floods happened, years later a friend convinced me the place had changed. came back for a few years and then that spastic cunt in the wheelchair created his pedo haven 8 chan and the cp floods started again so I left for a few more years. now it's just fucking traps. what is wrong with you cunts?

Too old. Too long. Too often.

Off and on since day Moot.
Don’t call myself an oldfag, not around long enough.

I turned 30 a couple of months ago.
I was definitely underage when I first started coming here, though I can't remember when exactly.
I go on Sup Forums maybe once every few weeks nowadays (it was the only board I'd look at when I was in my teens), but I check out some of the other boards on pretty much a daily basis.

Report this faggot

I am 24 and have been coming on this website since before I was 14

27. I have been coming on here since 2014 or so. Originally just for amateur nudes, now for amateur nudes and occasionally I go on /diy/ and /k/