Bought an ecig mod 3 days ago. Just realized i havent smoked in 2 days

Bought an ecig mod 3 days ago. Just realized i havent smoked in 2 days.

remind me again, why am i a faggot for quitting smoking? I used to call ever vaper a faggot on /b for years. now i am one. i dont feel like sucking cock. what am i doing wrong?

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You aren't, i have a mod and haven't had a cig in years. Still need to get a new bottle of liquid though

You didnt quit you are still highly addicted to nicotine you just found a new gayer way to get it into your body if nicotine came out of dicks in sure you would be suckling on one of those

gayer = healthier?

Gayer as in gayer

Sweet gook rig brah

gayer as in cooler, or as in person from lesbosastan?

Imagine spending money on something to ingest toxins into your lungs intentionally

You aren't doing anything wrong. The whole meme came about because smoking actually looks bretty cool even if it is completely retarded in reality. Vaping is just another thing people do that is neutral. So you traded something cool for something neutral that will be much much better for your health. People who just live to be cool will make fun of that decision. Doesn't mean it wasn't a good one. Whether it was a good decision is up to you to decide, your life.

Vaping isnt really healthier it puts water in your lungs with carcagenics in them that sit there causing just as much cancer as your old ciggys, im quitting atm and using gum but hope to slowly reduce the gum until i just dont need nicotine

just go back to real cigarettes. you will feel better about yourself. real strong old fashioned willfull men smoke and die of cancer

Just smoke cigars ya bunch of vaginas.

That's inherently not true. It doesn't put "water" in your lungs. For that to happen you'd need to be vaping water, retard. Please just kill yourself for being so ignorant.


pick one. you're still doing something potentially harmful to your long term health for literally no fucking reason other than trying to look cool for other dip shits who are killing themselves for no fucking reason.

>i dont feel like sucking cock
You are really doing it fag

How long you been smoking for OP? I'm almost 30, been smoking since i was 14 and I haven't had a cigarette in 6 days. I can easily say I feel better so far. My only advice is to be careful, because its easier to get a stronger nicotine addiction from hitting it all day.

i dont vape in front of people.

you say this bc you've never experienced nicotine induced pleasure.

vaping is 95% safer than smoking.


I smoked for 20 years, and thought that I would never quit. I used to smoke outside every couple of hours. Now I puff away all day every day and cant think of not having my vape with me. If I put it down somewhere and can't remember where it is, I go into full on panic attack looking for it.

Use it to get off the stinkies, and then quickly taper the nicotine down. Otherwise you will end up like me.

Don't be too hard on yourself man. Nicotine headaches are worth not smelling like an ashtray person lol

its mainly an issue for people who work at home or unemployed

You seem like a complete fucking idiot

smonk is gay

That is exactly me. Work from home and days that I have to go in to the office are rough.