These fine gentlemen are standing between you and your apartment on the second floor

>These fine gentlemen are standing between you and your apartment on the second floor

wat do?

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Say sup and walk past them

excuse me gentlemen, i must make my way up these stairs to return to my residence.

Hail king Trump, get out of my way niggers.

good thing i dont live in a faggot state then

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say "wat's up my nibba, let me get past you."

>Whattup bro I need some smoke

“Yeo watch out real quick bro”

dap em up as i walk by like a Sup Forumsro

turn 360 degrees and walk away

Ask them for some dilly

so walk right into them? 360 is a full circle

Get out of my way niggers

"What up homie?" And casually walk by them.

exactly you walk away

Niggers never stand in my way. For this and other reasons I don't hate niggers anymore.

newfag or weak b8

Keep walking, come back with kfc to distract them.

Pay them to help me move out.

All the scared faggots in this thread
"whats up homie/bro"
Using ebonics to seek acceptance from them and hoping they wont attack u

Throw a handful of Job Applications at them. As they run for cover, I walk right past after finishing kekking all over them.

Walking up stairs to an apartment?

You filthy poor people.

ask them if they got any hemi or cocaine

>hoping they wont attack u

Why you scared though

I take a few steps back and realize this is not my house. 360 and walk away.

Out of my way dumb apes.

>greet my neighbors and walk past them

Where did I say I was scared?

Take a picture and make a thread on Sup Forums to get some ideas.

Apartment living really is godawful, don't have to be a dick about it though.

I think that picture alone qualifies you as legally retarded

No he is walking 360 not 90

But these fine young gentlemen are Christians and volunteer at the local soup kitchen for the homeless. The guy in blue sweater just got accepted to the medical program at Johns Hopkins. The one sitting on his phone just got news his younger brother got accepted to Stanford and he can't wait to tell other faculty members at the local charter school he teaches at. Why would you assume such negative things?

Roll one up, have a chat.

"Hey whats good" ask them if they want to smoke some bud in the hallway.

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I'd throw my gf at them as a distraction and I would run to my apartment and lock the door.

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Pick a rifle and start shooting the hell outta them

Are you a funny black guy? You're funny.

why not let them inside? afraid they'd see your waifu collection and dragon dildos?

and then they take it off u and remind u how much of a faggot u are and that it was too easy

Throw a job application

ope, let me squeeze right past ya there, bud.

I g-guess I'm sleeping outdoors tonight...

Pull my pants off and start running at them.

when did Sup Forums get so racist? you politely speak to the negroes in their own language. "ooga booga booga" and walk on by.

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As I bounce my basket ball, I start playing a really loud ODB on my phone
How do you do my fellow niggers?

Good day gentlemen

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An undercover police car parked right next to me, I think they were walking this way.

I'm in a 90% white area and own a home so I would pull a gun and start blasting then be 100% justified.

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Niggers. Not gentlemen.

Spark blunt, take a hit and pass it to the nigga on the step and walk up stairs..
>wait for the salvia X20 to hit them in the middle of the blunt.

Well if I'm living in that shithole project apartment then I'm going to be carrying a gun and those niggers are going to know it so I'll plow my way through them and dare a jiggaboo to impede my path or the FN gets to sparking

Ask them "Dos bosa por quince?"

nice bracelet cunt

Exactly this lmao.
>sup niggaz
Then in the confusion you split


Start a cleansing

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Shhh they don't know that

"Hey guys, 'scuse me, I've gotta get to my apartment and take a mean bath ^^"

intention is a powerful tool

i would never live in such place!


hey who wants to pay child support??

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"Howdy Doody Niggers"

And this is why they are called porch monkeys

Ask them to get out of my way(I'm a gentleman after all). If they do not and put their hands on me, I'd smoke 'em.

"Excuse me"

Hoho your getting stopped then your shoes are looking real nice, and likely your phone and wallet suddenly find themselfs in a niggers hand and if you even bat an eye to say something your getting a heavy knuckle sandwich in the back of your head

Say your sorry white boy

I told yall fuckin morons not to hang out here waitin on me to get off work so you can get your fucking reup. Your weed supply is on MY time not yours. You got the 2 grand or not? you fucking degenerate

Literal scenario from my first and only apartment.

say "what's up niggers, gtfo out of my way, I want to go upstairs"

>kissing a gun
sure you don't live in a faggot state?

your autism is showing son

I'd hold my nose closed because niggers stink Pee-Yoo!!! Smells like dog shit and car tires

> yo whats up Sup Forumsros
> Jermaine, George, Tyrone, Big Rasta and Pookie howyoudoing
> Good good man whats up
> I just got home from work can I pass thru
> sure buddy
> how are u doing getting that job u wanted?
> nah nottin' man I just gave up on the whole thang
> I aint cutting my hair man
> its ok bro let me pass you the number of Carl, he can get u some legit jobs where u can earn some without cutting those rastas
> aight dog
> take care guys see ya

Call my security guards to throw them off my property. Then fire the guards for letting them in. On second thought, I should hire these gentlemen as my new guards, they look fine to me. Free KFC and watermelons.

Why are you a scared bitch OP? Like any other animal, dont show any fear or hesitance and they wont try to prey on you.
Act like an alpha and they will respect it. Act like a bitch and get treated like one.

yall niggas got some crack?

Bro get a grip. look at how these guys are dressed. They make more in a few hours sitting on those steps than you do in whatever shitty job you have. You don't own anything they want so they aren't going to rob you.

>see this
>turn around
Go to the nearest hardware store and buy a mason jar, acetone, a rage and a lighter
>craft a Molotov cocktail
>light it and toss it at them

The ghost negro floating coat is the most scary thing in this picture..

> wat do?

Be kinda walking past like you had somewhere else to go, but pause like you just had a change of mind, and whisper "Cops are coming!" and then walk on, and return one minute later and go home.

Say "excuse me" like a normal person and be on my way

I would call the police.

They can't just be black here.


Ask them what they're smoking and walk past them

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I would thank the doctor for making house calls when no one else does anymore, ask the physicist how his work on neutrinos is going, congratulate the attorney on winning his latest case, ask the pastor to say a prayer for my ailing mother, and thank the marine for his service.

>'scuse me, comin' through.

Why do you fucking aspies gotta make everything hard.

Blow them all away no fucks