I've just been told that I don't qualify for a prestigious scholarship even though I have a 4...

I've just been told that I don't qualify for a prestigious scholarship even though I have a 4.0gpa because I'm not a minority.
Ask me anything.

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Were you told that you don't qualify for a prestigious scholarship even though you have a 4.0gpa because you're not a minority?



Why were you denied a prestigious scholarship?


I don't qualify for a prestigious scholarship even though I have a 4.0gpa because I'm not a minority.

What is your GPA? And are you a minority?

why are you applying for minority scholarships? there are other scholarships available for non-minorities and im sure you could get plenty of them with a 4.0 GPA. stop playing victim, faggot.

Can’t you just choose to identify as one?


What prestigious scholarship ?

happened to me, but i was rejected because i wasnt a woman. STEM sjw's betrayed me man.

4.0, no.

Do what Elizabeth Warren did, say you are a native american. You too can get a free ride and if you decide to teach you will be touted as the minority you are because that is all that matters.

Alternately, do you really need the schooling if you already know how to learn and are capable of doing things on your own?

Are you so smart that you can't get a job well enough?

I was applying for a presidential scholarship at a Suny NY college.

With enough spray paint.

Presidential scholarship for $20,000.

It's time for a revolution in this shithole country.

Come to think of it, I have a very tiny amount of Native American DNA.

hmm its almost as if college is prohibitively expensive if only there was something we could do about that

How'd you know I'm planning to be a teacher?
Well, in this country the color of your skin and whether or not you have a diploma is all that really matters. Your personal education and impressive intuition isn't cared about, as it's not acceptably proven unless you have a diploma.

Mass human genocide.

yeah i guess that's the only possible thing because we don't have the resources, technology, or know how to implement any other solution to this problem

what a shame

Now youre thinking, way to use your brain

Is this the case or are you just a butthurt fag?

Do you think there are any minorities with more than a 4.0 GPA who took your spot maybe?

Apply to the THOUSANDS of prestigious scholarships available to non minorities instead crying about not being accepted by ONE

Probably. It wouldn't be the first time I or a white member of my family was outed for a minority with the same or less credentials. For example, my mother once applied for a job at a place called The Center For Discovery, and didn't get the job because a black woman applied at the last minute. All of this push for racial acceptance is really starting to make me hate people of different races.

I disagree.

I dropped out of college after 6 months. Everyone around me was either uptight, libtard, in a cult, or just antisocial. The classes were like review of Sophomore year at my high school. Felt like a huge waste of time. SO I joined the Marines.

Yeah, I did. It taught me discipline, tact, initiative, risk taking. After blowing shit up, traveling the world, making friends and enemies everywhere I got out and tried college again but man, it never changes. SO I started a business. That failed, then I started another and this one has boomed.

And now things are humming. 32 employees. My family and I live comfortably and my business last year grossed 1.2M. I will eventually sell and retire by the time I turn 55. That is the plan.

Why spin your wheels for all these years? SO you get a piece of paper that says you're smart? Fuck that. Take your smart and make your money.

Waste no more time, friend.

Sometimes there are race quotas to fill. Dont be such a butthurt fag.

Most businesses will fail no matter how smart you are, so not everyone wants to take that risk and end up working a minimum wage job to survive because they have no degree. If you were actually smart you would get a degree then start a business.

But you're not smart, you're just a lucky idiot.

You are not a victim.

Drop the victim mentality. It will hold you back in life.

I am perfectly comfortable in my skin, friend.
Im here mostly for entertainment. Thought I'd give you some encouragement and advice from my apparently uneducated perspective.

Good luck to you.

Hm, I suppose there always are options available, but I'm not sure if I want to take my chances. I'm glad that things have worked out for you so far.

That rude guy wasn't me.

What kind of businesses did you start? Which was the successful one?

boohoo. it's not that hard to get a 4.0. You're not special.

where can i find this video?

>u mad white boi
minority's ruin everything they touch