Wwyd to my gf

wwyd to my gf

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Shave her

nah, a bit of hair is good.

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shes got a purdy pusie

She is

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disregard her

I would eat her ass for hours, until her anus loses all it's wrinkles forever.

Yes she has


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That was the aftermath of this

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god i want to fuck her feet in this position


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Introduce her to someone who isn't a cuck.

Make her a sandwich

I'd shave her pussy personally

Picture of her cute hole? Bump


Her pits and asshole look like they need a good lickin’

Suck off his sweet tiny juicy teenage cock.

More of her but hole

I’d give her skinny nasty ass a fucking cheeseburger

Talk to her about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Cum in her ass

Give her three meals per day.

Does she like to be rimmed

I'd give her aids.

Continue her string of lovers with small cocks.

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Nice corpse.


Do a 360 and walk away.

Probably act awkwerd, and than call her a hore

well played

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