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I remember my aunts furniture was always covered in plastic. What a fucking stupid trend.

It was to keep stupid ass kids like you from shitting on the furniture

My grandmother covered her couch in plastic , it lasted forever

kmart cafe was dope

Hell ya, gimme that blue light special Sup Forumsro

I hope u will die violently

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oh boy, another ylyl, i hope its filled with unfunny, low tier, racist 'jokes', that really arent posted for the lulz, but to feel superior.

cant wait!


The fuck is a cafe?

THIS is provably not true in fact it was my grandFATHER who was the squirty one

Grown adults believe this.

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Totally believable.

Cafe' not cafe.

My bad, I'm not French. So what is those?

Obv did not read the referenced quotes! Aside from being out of context also

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Looks like the one that used to be in San Diego. But they are all the same floor plan

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ironic kek

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Is she the granddaughter of psycho mantis, wtf

It's an extreme fetish thing.

guy bounced off of the water as if he was pounched in boruto's father universe

The lameness is oozing off of these.

Palpatine is Leia's and Luke's grandpa.

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It's clearly a bit.
That's what mascots do

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Reddit atheist spotted

yooo bringing me back man


I feel that was some lazy writing if this is indeed true. So entire Galaxy with lots of different species, aliens, etc. But we gotta focus on basically 1 family and it's close connections to 2-3 people.


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>man child believes grown adults believe in something no one cares about.

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Poltards destroy everything

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is granddad getting his balls sucked out through his belly button?

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That's one way to get a yeast infection.

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Ahh, the sound of a feminist.

our kmarts never had this
maybe because I grew up in a rust belt shithole

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Canadafag here: Zellers had a cafe too (i think they positioned as a "50s diner") and it was just like this

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