Operation: Flush the l0g

Operation: Flush the l0g.

For the past few weeks I've been building a word filter. It started with their favourite three letter word, but they've been evading it by rephrasing his name in various ways. Like you I'm fucking sick of this newfag cancer shitting up the board. Every time they make a new thread I'm adding one of their filter evading names to my filter.

So far we have: "the sultan of the slop", "the prince of the ploppers", "the sergeant of shit", "the fuhrer of the fart", "the duke of dookie", "the colonel of the corn", "the prince of the peanuts", "the curmudgeonly cornmonger", " the GOAT of the throte", "satan's slidder", "the imperator of the excrement"

I'm requesting that you provide me with more names that you've seen so I can add them to it and we can finally get rid of the logtwat menace that's been a blight on this board for over FOUR FUCKING years. If the mods won't fix this shit we'll do it ourselves.

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>Like you I'm fucking sick of this newfag cancer shitting up the board
but that's where you're wrong OP

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filters don't work dude.
but there was a guy that had some sort of add on for the browser he created called 'the log blocker' with a 99% success rate.
he would manually select images and it would block them automatically whether they were the same or somewhat similar/modified

I wish i could find it.

we NEED that technology

Where can i find it????

>filters dont work
they literally work


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yeah they work for specific phrases / words
one character deviation or punctuation fucks all of that.

filters are evaded so easily. and pretty much all his posts via text are unique

Yes, they work

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He can only make up so many names for that faggot. It's just a matter of time before he runs out of the little imagination he has in that autistic brain of his.

there are many common words he uses which filters out a lot and the rest of the threads you just cruise right by

nice catalogue of log vernacular! LOL you must be a big fan, secretly. You really think you can filter out the log? good for you. we dont make log threads for newfag logless shills like you anyway, so you not seeing our threads doesnt bother us. we make them to revel in the glory Andy's creamy, dreamy, steamy logs of shit. So do what you will, kid, but please, grow up!

Don't blame on the corn captain

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>so many names
wrong phrase.
you're block words and phrases. not names.
> It's just a matter of time before he runs out of the little imagination he has in that autistic brain of his.
he's been at this since 2015.
little bullshit like changing out a lower case 'L' for an upper case 'i'
you name it, I've seen it.
but go ahead and have him make you spend the time to type up hundreds of filters or learn to ignore it.
subconsciously I have learned to ignore the log and BBC threads.
lead logfag is a jannie and his friend is a mod. there's 3 of them.
nothing will be done about this.

this assblasted and obsessed. ha ha! so butthurt about logs, he makes a log thread! wew log

> cheat the logless shills


Logthreads are older than you are, sliddo

>dedicating weeks of his life to a supposed "forced meme" that "nobody cares about"

oh Eusty... just come out of the log closet already

The Ambassador of Assblasting

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eh Sup Forums has always had shitty forced memes. this is just a newfag version. it's better than seeing trump threads all the time.

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all the logfags show up and everyone leaves them to circlejerk each other until the thread dies

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Captain Colon

The Unflushable Unilogger

The Butthurt Bomber

Arse Archon

You forgot the Kaiser of Crap

Guess what I had for dinner tonight?

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The Diabolical Defecator

The God of Gastrointestinal Goodness

Goyim of Gassy Greatness

The Sheriff of Shit

The Doctor of Doo Doo

The Colonel of Corn

The Professor of Poop

The Pharaoh of Fart

The Burgomeister of Buttholes

The Cleric of Clog

The Lord of Logs

The Constipation Consultant

The Superintendent of Slidd

The Archangel of Asshole

Advocate of Anal Abundance

The Ayatollah of Butt-Hola

Fuhrer of feces.

Prophet of potty.

Duke of duces.

Baron of bungs.

Professor plops.

Arch-angel of anus.

>The Doctor of Doo Doo
I haven't laughed this hard in months

Thanks OP

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Secretary of the sewer.

OP here, this was supposed to be an anti-log thread you fucking reprobates

Deputy of diarrhea.

>this is why we can’t have nice things

The Enema Enemy

Wet wipe warrior.

The Toilet Paper Turd Protagonist

Sergeant shit squirts.

Youre a faggot

General Gut Grief

Rectum raider.

Don't worry. The BVB Army Cyber Command is combating log filters no matter how successful or sophisticated they are

Colon commando.

Sergeant Shitswallow

OPs Poop Opposition



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Intestine invader.

The Derelict Dookie Degenerate

holy fucking kek

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Sphincter slayer.

What makes you think its one guy?
I spam it just because its better and more original than porn spam
Fags like you who spend their day using shouldnt share threads and fbig can go kys, i have had to literally filter and hide 100 threads at a time
With logposting it pisses off pornfags like you because it makes you see something that makes you less horny
Fuck off and kys faggot
Go eat a steamy mushy log right now and seethe more
Thank you.

Cornhole commandant.

Fuck off cunt, just because i like pussy and you like scat you can fuck off to pootube or something you freak

Maitre d of masticated magnificence

His Chutney Putney

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Andy's Candy from the Fudge Factory


god that’s hot

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hi styx

The Formidable Fecal Fighter



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