What do u guys think about bad dragon? Good. Bad. You have one who knows tell us...

What do u guys think about bad dragon? Good. Bad. You have one who knows tell us. I personally have always wanted one but idk I'm not gay just like anal stimulation

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I just farted.

They're great. Bought 2 during the black friday sale, worth the price IMO. Get a medium firmness if you want to hit the P-spot, soft if you want to be able to ride for hours.The cum lube is OK, I prefer coconut oil.


Pics of your haul?


dubs of truth.

What did you get. I would want somthing with ridges or ribs but I like the Austin aswell. I just don't like the horse toys


I go to a con with some friends every year, one year the one couple said that the girl bought, i think the raptor dildo? And only used it like once becuz it was too big.
I wonder if they make them more for guys/anal? It would make sense considering how many furfags are out there

Just got a small & medium Mystic, the medium has a suction cup so I can fuck myself doggy style.

got the dog and horse. money well spent. bought a penetrable one too and it's awesome but they tear kinda easy.
Regardless of wether you're into the furry thing you're probs not gonna find a better feeling dildo anywhere.

Small and Medium Mystic in soft, the unicorn horn. The swirling ridges feel great.

What did you get. I would want somthing with ridges or ribs but I like the Austin aswell. I just don't like the horse toys

I would love to go to a con but I am not gay and don't really wanna have sex there. Like I fucking love gay furry porn and playing around with my ass but I don't like guys if u know what I mean

Well, there are people like Siswet out there who just like having their anus stretched out and filled up. Women and men both.

Got kik/willing to share vids using it? Always wanted to see some, but only ones i found were guys using the gross giant ones.

I am into the furry thing just I'm not gay I love gay furry porn and anal stimulation just not gay

haha fuckin based

I have seen siswet. Should I go to a furry convention if I'm not there to fuck? I like the fandom it just seems kinda cringe at times

Nah, I'm just some fat hairy bi dude. There's people on pornhub that ride normal sized BD dildos too.

I bought the nix masterbator , should be coming soon

I meant an anime con, not a furry con lol but yeah either way you should go, dont have to have sex. I dont usually.

Con chicks especially furries are pretty open to kinks, so im sure you could find a chick that’ll peg you or let you use anal beads or something while you fucked her.

No I like the huge stuff. I have been trying to fist for a while and my dildo broke a while back I just want my own fist inside if me. U guys got any suggestions? I can't seem to fit it no matter how much lube I use I have gotten the knuckles in but it hurts when I stretch too fast

>Con chicks especially furries are pretty open to kinks, so im sure you could find a chick that’ll peg you or let you use anal beads or something while you fucked her.

No shit? Where do I find the kink calendar, as it were

Yeah true. I wish I could be pegged

Look up squareplug toys, they're just as reputable (if not more so) than BD and have a couple of toys designed to prep for fisting.

No clue, im pretty vanilla and usually to busy at cons to bother with sex, but the furry cons definitely are more opened to sex than anime cons.
Find some furries in ur area online ask about the con scene and how you wanna get pegged by some fur chick and they’ll probably help, tho they’ll also wanna watch cuz i mean... i would

Go slower. Don't just start out trying your fist. Try and get a couple of things to warm up with. I start out with a fair-sized dildo and leave it in for at least 20 minutes, then I move up to a plug that is bigger and leave that in for a while. Then I'm ready for my biggest one, and I get the "plesant-painful" stretching sensation I enjoy.

They are really fun. I have 11. Too expensive though, I'd recommend getting a regular large dildo off amazon or something. if you don't like how straight/boring it is, then go for getting a BD one with ridges and a knot.


How long did they take to ship them?

If you look at the ones on clearance, they ship within 2 days. Otherwise it'll take up to 2 months (since each dildo is a custom pouring)

11 dildos? That's fucking sad.

Tho fuck you cuz now you’re making me wanna get laid next con. Usually only get bjs by cute asian guys.

Doesn't the Law of Diminishing Returns start to kick in around 7 or 8? How do you end up with 11 dildoes? Did you just keep graduating up to bigger and bigger ones?

Not for the black Friday sale purchased ones. Fast shipping does not apply for them. Wanted to know how long they actually took

As long as they're fem and hairless, who cares what they're packing? amirite?

My spread just ordered 2 and fuckable in Black friday sale,,, been using them for years ie. Anal whore and I fucking love them...
Ridges are bae and also Mostly put suction on them for ez

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If they're premade, they ship pretty fast. If you want a custom one it'll take up to two months. Not sure what else you'd need to know.

Das right. Tho dont knock the more masc asian boys they pretty cute. The twinky ones and like beefy muscle kind are best.
Maybe i’ll find an example.

Yep second this

nice collection. what's the size/firmness?

So much incel in one pic

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Kind of like this, when they got beef pecs its like firm tits, its pretty special

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Mostly Medium firmness and I get small or medium depending on what one im interested in... and also who I wanna collect.

If it's hairless and has hips, that's what I'm into. I'd be all over that dude.

What I wanted to know, is what I asked How long did it take for the ones that they ordeted, to be shipped.

Ya know it boiiyo

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I'm a big fan of mystic, how you liking yours?

hes ok,, have others I rather more.

You just quoted me twice. I order both of mine from the black friday clearance, so i don't have any other time frame to provide; sorry!

Lots of cum lube, but no cum tube toys?

what do you like better?

So you haven't received them yet, gotcha.

You’d be surprise the asses on some of them asian twunks.

No, I got them both because the black friday clearance ones were pre-made. took around 7 days from purchase to doorstep.

Squat bois are the best.


I dont like to clean them lazzuuu
Ike and the chance are fav

Good, just a little expensive, but I suppose that’s reasonable for well made silicone toys. I’ve got a mini Bumble hooves in medium firmness and a mini Rex in soft, which isn’t good for fitting in my ass. I was a little worried about the tip being too firm, but the whole thing is a little too soft for me, but it’s no big deal overall. Both have cumtubes and it was fun experimenting with how the knot actually holds it in. Was considering getting a mini Spitfire because ima Spyro fan.

yeah, I'd say after about 5 you're good. I got each one since they all feel different going in, especially if you just want a quick ride & plug. I have about 4 main categories of toys. 1) small w/ cumtube for lubing up. 2) smallish for knotting without cleaning myself out 3/4) larger toy for riding/knotting. 5) purely meant for stretching (I have a large ika for this)

That's a MEDIUM? Christ, it's huge compared to that small mystic.

Canceled my premade ones, after it had been over two weeks and they still hadn't even shipped.

Fyi they weren't even working weekends in the shipping department, to get them out.

Hehe yeps,,, size whore

They got bumrushed by the holiday spenders.

All this talk, no show.

My gf and i got this 2 during the black friday drop.

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These are the toys we already have.

We definitely play favorites with which ones we use, but its kind of my fetish to use a bunch of toys on her.

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Bitchhh i already rlpeddd see above,,,
Love chu dude

I'm fine with other people watching and masturbating I'm fine with men or women watching I think. Would that be gay? If I were at a furry con and I was getting pegged by a cute chick then sure I guess I'll let people watch if she's pegging me then why not


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Teehehe ya fuckn know ittt.

I couldnt find a good example but here’s a swimmer

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Oh shit dawg, the ike and pearce are what came in

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Fuck off fag skype only

so furry cons are just one big gay pickup scene right? the chances of finding a girl under a costumme or finding them at a hotel afterparty is like 1 out of 99 right?

That sounds pretty hot dude, got hard reading that.

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Not at all, there are plenty of female furries and they can get pretty kinky too, just ask some of the guys/gays to help ya find some chicks. They might wanna watch or get to see/suck ur dick, but yeah, give it a try.

Just careful cuz some furry chicks are crazy and/or unhygienic

at least half are crazy or undesirable
the furry community its self that is

its really weird here where i live, they all seem to be on the autism scale somewhere

is it much the same elsewhere?

-Furry who separated from the community cause autism everywhere

Yea not thats one of the symptoms of furries, cant escape it, can still fuck ‘em tho, just dont try to have conversations with them or you’ll blow your brains out.

how do you feel about the bumblehooves vs the regular horse dildo?
I dont have any horse ones, only med austin, so idk how i feel about length vs girth

I love the feel of the regular horse hes like one of my favs due to the length but less gurth,, but my bf likes to use bumble on me and sometimes i dont mind it but I have to do a preday before stretch to take him

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>I'm not gay just like anal stimulation
OP I have some bad news for you.

i bought the biggest horse dildo for the lols use as a doorstop etc,
alltho i do look at it sometimes thoughtfully.....

Swimmers are cheating. And this gives up the butt at furry conventions?

I would love to fuck an anthro like if we were all anthros until then I'm not gay XD I kinda feel left out in the fandom the majority are gay but I wouldn't let a guy do anything sexual to me.

Yes we are, squatZ 4lyf!

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Well as you have to Self-ID to be Gay?
You aren't gay.
You just share the sexual interests of the Gay.
As Tim Pool would say, it's complicated.

You are all over. Why'd you link something as an example if you wouldnt smash?

I have a Medium/Medium Rex that makes me coom hands-free if I don't fap for a week or so. The cum tubes are useful too