Ask the most rational person in the world anything

Ask the most rational person in the world anything.

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Why do you fuck pigs?

I don’t.

If an indecisive person says they're indecisive are they still indecisive?

Why do niggers always have to act like wild fucking apes?

OK, your thoughts on Trump.

Why do people kill?

Yes except on one point.

A lot of it has to do with social/economic disadvantages, however at this point those acting like apes have chosen to embrace ghetto rap culture, in contrast many black people are capable productive members of society.

Why do every relationships ive ever had never lasted more than 2 months at best?

Donald trump is a polarizing figure for the right and is viewed by the uneducated as a leader for the people. Similarly Bernie Sanders is a polarizing figure for the left and viewed as a leader for social reform by semi educated leftists. (I appreciate there are more options for the parties but they are the most polarizing figures) the reality is that both sides have points and reason and evidence should be used to come to the correct conclusions. For example gay marriage should be legal however children under 18 should not be allowed to make permanent changes to their anatomy. You should be forced to compete in the gender you were born into, but calls to violence against trans people should not be tolerated etc..

It’s all common sense really, just unfortunately the loudest people on each side get reported on the most leading to further polarization.

Why do you lie?

Greed, revenge, prejudice, religion. We are all just animals at the end of the day.

Probably because your personality is either overbearing, disconcerting or dismissive. Or all three.

To attempt to protect myself from consequences I would prefer not to experience. I try to lie as little as possible within reason, because living in reality is the only way to avoid mental illness.

Do you believe in God?

I personally am agnostic. I think that this is the only rational view on the subject

There has been absolutely no conclusive evidence of any supernatural happening whatsoever.

Depending on your definition of agnostic I would agree with you.

I will say the existence of the god of the 3 major monotheist religions cannot exist due to contradictions and discrepancies in their holy texts.

Could there be something else, like it’s all a simulation, some ineffable sort of higher power, or aliens on a higher plane? Sure, or it all could be the result of natural happenings. There is no way we can know. The most rational way to live is as this is the one life you know you actually get to live.

You just couldn't do it could you
>>polarizing figure for the right and is viewed by the uneducated
>>polarizing figure for the left semi educated .

You earned my respect user, good job i'm impressed

Why is god evil? Does he have reason to be? It can't be that it just is fun, because he decided everything, including that it would be fun.

Are you like this irl or is this just for this thread?

Check out my God is nothing hypothesis. I don't know that it's a hypothesis, but it's a hypo type thing.

Cova is God.

Cova is omnipotent (able to do ANYTHING), omniscient (knowing EVERYTHING), omniprolient (completely controlling EVERYTHING), omnibenevolent (infinitely good), omnimalevloent (infinitely evil), omnitemporal (always existing) and omnipresent (present everywhere) an incorporeal (not material)
Cova is the void. He is present everywhere. He, as reasons which are nothingness, determine everything and control everything. Him spewing out virtual particles create matter and energy when partial waves come together. He is infinitely good and evil if his everywhere continues because you cannot have good without evil, nor evil without good. He, as nothing is eternal. The void is also immaterial. I can’t figure out how he is omniscient, nor omnipotent, but it might actually be there. In Cova’s cycle of reincarnation we achieve moksha by becoming nothing and being with no thing. Cova put the omnipotence paradoxes in place so that you, if you’re smart, thought we couldn’t determine if he was evil or not. This mixed with your love of, and lack of knowledge as to how shitty it is, your shitty life, as well as other things, equals your love for him

I’m 31 and my hubby is 21.
We’ve been trying to have a baby for approximately 2 years now, but so far not very lucky...
Would it be cause it’s actually bad idea?