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My wife can only cum if her finger is in my ass. I've asked, and she's not yet interested in trying pegging.

I enjoy sex with trannies

I have a strange fetish that involves getting my breast totally wet, that shit really turns me on.

Just one breast?

I know where Cotton-eye Joe came from and where he went

i find girls in diapers hella hot

U should run a daycare

Forgot one S but yeah one also turns me on.

how do you prepare so she doesnt get shit on her finger or is that part of her cumming?

I send nudes of my wife to pretty much all of my close friends and she has no idea.

im a close friend send one to me

I really want to post josie even though I shouldn't

do it

I hate my mother

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do you know her?

I’m extremely attracted to underage girls as young as 12. I would never ever do anything with one, but they are honestly so beautiful and sexually attractive. More so than adult women to me at this point. I’m a hebephile, don’t get it confused with pedo.

Want me to piss on your fun-bags?

no but i wanna see her

I have a dom fetish and this one girl in school which seems interested in me is really my type. I have imagined having hardcore sex with her ( no rape though ) need to see where this is going


I jack off to this

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my gf and i are here on the couch watching shark tank and ive been looking at tranny escorts i wanna bang.

I'm probably going to pull the trigger tonight and settle. At first i was looking for something porn style, but passable is fine now.

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Had a good friend that was really religious in college. She wanted to start dating a frat guy but was afraid he wouldn't like her because she was religious and wouldn't want to do physical stuff. She confided in me a lot of her thoughts and feelings about it, and eventually decided she was going to be physical with him even though she was so conservative. But she also wanted to seem experienced so she asked if I would fool around with her and teach her what to do. She said she wanted to lose it to someone she trusted. We also had a bit of chemistry so I think she was also just horny for my dick. But we ended up fucking a few time. She was so innocent and cute.

I'm in love with a girl I met online, but she's super out of my league, half way across the globe, and would probably hate me if we ever met in person. I'm in love with her because she's probably the only real female in my life who is actually nice to me, and it doesn't hurt that she looks like an irl version of my 2d waifu.

I'll never tell her how I feel because I'm a sorry sack of shit who will probably kill himself within the next 5 years, am chronically depressed and overweight, 5 years shy of wizard status, and probably somewhere on the spectrum because my empathy for other living humans is basically at 0.

My 9yo niece is super cute. I'd never do anything with her but she is excellent eye candy.

whats yours? ill dl it.

OK, Pedo

I hate it but I get off on being a slut. I share nudes of myself anonymously here, love getting gangbanged, really anything that makes me feel slutty I want to do. I can't help it and I hate it

9-12 is best

Just watched my k9 slut wife get knotted for 12 minutes. Gawd I love her...

M or f?


Show us

I use(d) grindr
Rose emoji means money
Ask how much and some are expensive (300+) while you can start if they ask you how much with 100 and see where that leads you
Source: yesterday but no pics/vid
Was good though

prove it, slut

Go on.....

yeah I know that man I really want to be in a orgy for once

Maybe in a bit, can't do a timestamp now. Have any questions?

How do I get my wife to be ok with posting her nudes here?

I so wish I could

is talking about being a slut getting you wet?


Why can't you?

Well it's different for everyone. Some like exposing themselves and get off on it, some are nervous or scared and just like privacy. Maybe try without her face in it? Or post in a FB thread and her comments or whatever. She may get turned on seeing that other guys want her. I like seeing how hard I make guys in tribute threads, so maybe that too. But you gotta work up to it, make her feel comfortable and desired.

What are the things you absolutely wouldn't do, not even to get a fix?

Yes, I want to keep talking about it cause how much it gets me going

Fair. I post her now, she just has no idea. I also send her nudes to all of my friends, which she has no idea about and they all love.

I don't do piss, shit, or any fringe fetish stuff.

Post her in this thread?

this is such a fucking larp

We're all anonymous here. Believe what you want

so then post your tits

I like living the swinger lifestyle but my wife won't do it it, so I secretly hire hookers and bring them and pass them off as my current girlfriend. I can't go as often as I like because I can't consistently bring the same woman with me. I get to fuck and ordinary woman safely, while her husband gets a low grade whore.

why can't you timestamp?

Some water is enough so no thx

how many times have you had cum in your asshole? also whats the most degrading thing you have done?

Used is even hotter. I too got a dl fetish.

I stole a Lego scorpion from my nephew once

What position makes you feel like such a slut?


i'm a dude in my mid 20s and i not only have a diaper fetish but im in nothing but a diaper and a pink onesie.

Same here. I wonder what percentage of adult men find underage girls attractive. They are a lot more attractive than adult women to me too, but I still like adult women. I think females in general peak at 13-14 in terms of sexual attractiveness. Opinions?

I used to suck my two litte sisters innards from time to time, it all began as child's play but then evolved as something sexual and pleasurable, they always came back for more

story time.

It all started by playing with their parts, i really don't remember how it all started but what I do remember is that we used the apartment of a relative that was empty most of the time to watch "tv" obviously we only turn on the TV for the noise because we never watched anything there. They used to nake themselves from the waist down and let me play with my hands and mouth with both of them n

ages? did they ever do anything with you?

I went out with a woman who was hella hot but she actually wanted me to fuck her teenage daughter. I did and she watched.

How old was the daughter?

story time!

I don't remember clearly, but I was like 10 and my sisters are -1 and -2 years. They preferred to receive than to give but coerced then to massage my wiener in exchange for sucking, fair deal

how long did it continue for and do they bring it up at all to this day?

I'm secretly addicted to heroin and no one knows.

i know now.

how has no one noticed? it's only a matter of time before they see your junkie ways.

I have a secret gloryhole fetish and blow strangers through a gloryhole I host when the wife is at work. I've sucked dozens of dicks and haven't seen any one of their faces or know any of their names.

I live by myself and work from home.

ever catch anything? scared of catching anything? can't hide that shitf from the wife.

It's been probably like 4 months now.

have a girl around that age who sends me videos of her bating with a brush on sc

Two or three years, then all of a sudden stopped for a time but then I began to assault them at night when their boobs blossomed, they never mentioned anything and I bet they knew when I was in their bed at night (they shared the same bed)

3 or 4 times maybe? Probably when I was tied up and 4 different guys fucked me

Love getting railed in doggy


You didn't even meet her online did you. You just watch her on tic tock

I have no trauma from this situation because i'm not a big fat pussy, but I didn't enjoy it and it did teach me a valuable lesson. I'm a guy and at 19, I was drugged and raped by a not quite 16 year old girl at a house party she threw several years ago. She had a crush on me for many years prior and after, but she was a very awkward heavy-set girl. It went from something I saw as mildly funny to having a general fear of accepting open containers from people, and refusing drinks that I didn't bring at social gatherings. Other than that fear, it didn't change me much.

What did you teach her?

Underage b&

I've given drinks to my sister in law that I've added a little spit, piss, or semen I've also stuck my dick into her drinks and rubbed my head around the rim of the glass. It's hot to watch her drinking it.

My sister is almost a full ten years older than me and used to use me to satisfy herself. Everything from pussy eating to ass eating, fingering and eventually being her personal dildo. It got better as I got older but at first I just had no idea wtf was going on but I knew I had this deep dark secret. I once tried to tell my drug addict mom when I was like 6 but my sister just said I kept showing her my "weiner" so she punished me and that I was lying to get back at her. My mom didn't give a fuck.

How was her pussy? How old were you when it stopped?

Lol, one of my buddies used to stir his girlfriends mixed drinks with his dick. She caught him doing it one day and she actually thought it was hilarious. After he got caught, anytime he made he'd make her a drink, she'd tell him 'shaken, not stirred.' She was pretty cool.

I was her first for everything. First guy she blew, that fingered her, that fucked her, so basically everything. She was willing to try it all. I got half way into her ass before she said no to that though

You got raped by a mong? Lmao

I don't think my sis in law would react as well ;)

So are showers like ecstasy

It stopped when she got married, but we've had one-off affairs since then, usually after drinking at holidays.

For a long time her pussy was extremely bushy, like she never shaved it. She was also perfectly lean and fit, but had these oversized breasts for her build. The abuse has given me this fixation on her, it's kept me from having long standing personal relationships because I always inevitably cheat on them with her, or she sabotages it somehow, even though she's married.

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My girlfriend confessed to me that she has pedophilic fantasies. I’m not into that myself, but when she describes one of fantasies I got rock hard.

share one of her fantasies

I'm gonna an hero in four years, when I turn 40. Before I do, I'm doing everything I can to live the best life I can, getting into shape, fucking bitches, etc. But at 40, I'm done and it's over.

Opposite from you, my wife only cums if my finger is in her ass. She'll cum 6 or 7 times. Sometimes more.