Anyone else depress cause its the stupid holidays ?

Anyone else depress cause its the stupid holidays ?

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Literally every year.
Everything gets cold and dies.
Roads are terrible.
Hurts to go outside.
Feel isolated from friends and family.
When I see them it feels weird because it's in a huge group setting full of other people I don't know.

Honestly I can't wait for Christmas to be over. Fuck all this noise.

Nah, I’m not an emo faggot.

I know your pain.
Hell none of family invited me to Thanksgiving.
No mention of Christmas.
Oh well at least we save money.
Fuck the holidays.

Im depressed cause im bored as fuck and wanna make connections with others

Oh okay. You are pardon my highness.

Stop eating processed carbs and get some exercise. Your depression will be gone in a month.


I guess, but maybe it's because I get to finally begin my journey as a level 30 wizard tomorrow.

At least it's not allergy time.

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I cook and take small walks during weekdays.
Every weekend during fall and winter.
My father and I work on our local firewood business.
I'm pretty busy.

Nigger to you too.


Why does your family hate you?

Exactly I felt that!

Yup. Those conditions are dreadful. That's why we have a holiday where we give each other shit.

If holidays depress you, you care WAY too much about cultural constructs.

i LOVE christmas!

yeah it gets me pretty bummed too
doesnt help that its my birthday

Today? Well shit happy birthday user

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Well Christmas is over rated

And hell yeah.

You all have S A D
It's natural, scandinavians wintered every year because that shit

I was even more depressed and pissed off/manic this past summer so I'm cool with having actual weather.

People who get all depressed in the snow and rain and possibly 2 best holidays are just, ugh what the hell is there to be sad about?

I actually like cool weather, and rain. I find thunderstorms exciting, and even if it does get super cold that only makes the trip home something to look forward to. After spending so much time in the cold, finally wrapping yourself in layers of covers is extra comfy.

They don't mean shit to me
I know I type like a nigger but they really don't mean a single thing to me

Get a sun replacement lamp
Listen to 40Hz Isochronic beats
Use meet-up and find a social group about something you know nothing about, thus only as a student with nothing to hide or pretend.

my family loves it, and I like to see them happy, so i've come to enjoy it a lot more than I used to.

thanks user