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That's a fucked up graph right there. Very telling of where the subversion is coming from.

Race is meaningless

To cucked whites it is. Everyone else disagrees though.

cucked whites actually hate their own race

Race is very valid

Because they are easily manipulated through suggestion by jews

There absolutely are differences between races. But that doesn't mean laws should be created to treat each race differently.
Shitlibs say race doesn't exist and the religious right says we're all from god blablabla. Crazy how these two groups are so good at denying science and hate eachother so much at the same time. If the religious right started screaming like teenagers about climate change, they'd probably team up and never lose an election again.

They will hate whites until they need their car jumped at 2am, while it's -20F in a Walmart parking lot. Then they will exclusively look for a white face.


Liberals know how toilets work, Republicans don't, which is why he had to fly to Michigan to explain it to 7000 of them.

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>Liberals know how toilets work

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In a certain aspect. Race can denote culture, though. It's not nearly as strong an indicator as the area a person lives, however, to name one obvious factor.

Are you talking about American Libtards?

no shit? who wouldve thought.


We already know this.

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This isn't a scientific conclusion.
being critical of your own race doesn't mean you hate it.

wow this is the most autistic piece of art i've ever seen

kill yourself faggot

Conservative logic: "I feel sympathy towards others who are less fortunate than myself, therefore I want someone to fuck my wife."

In what possible way? Acid attacks, knife attacks, truck of peace, theft, child rape rings, video of the illegal humping the bobby, blue haired leftist wine aunt protesting the security of her own nation and a muslim baby factory off to collect the welfare, while the baby Trump balloon glides over all.

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And you wonder why you're all considered deranged.