Got some Edible Gummies like pic related

Got some Edible Gummies like pic related,
They're 70mg each gummy, package says serving size is one single gummy, should i listen?
If not how many should i eat?
Im a close-to-everyday smoker, my tolerance is rather high i'd say
>TLDR; How many 70mg thc gummys to get me stupid high

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Eat the whole bag.

Czekt.. and the golden rule for edibles is, you can always eat more, you can never eat less. I'd do 1 and see. I'm a regular smoker, but 50mg fucks my world up.

I would eat one every 5 to 10 minutes until I felt high.

bruh you can always eat moar start with one...
or eat the whole bag fgt!

Expect the high to take about 3-4 hours before it starts

Just yeet that bag my dude!


usually takes me 200 mg to get high on those things I'm a daily smoker tho start with 3 I guess?

If quads you eat the whole bag


Just did a little research on my own, thats probably what ill do, ive just never gotten seriously fucked on edibles, but im sure 1 will do on account of 3rd party testimony saying these are a-ok

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Checked for eating the whole bag, Kek wills it, how many in the bag OP?

5, But sadly gotta say no-can-do, its a birthday present for my girlfriend so we're going to dose together in a few days

when i was smoking like 3/4 a gram of oil/shatter a day i could easy take 300 to 400 mg of edibles

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the legal candies I've bought are 100mg a CONTAINER. (10 servings but you need like 3)
70mg is a bit.

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good-guy-buzzkill here, the intensity of the high depends on the method. i've taken 100mg of thc in chocolate and had an okay-pretty-good high. I've taken 60mg off of capsules and had a very bad high. the dosage is not as consistent as you think, it also depends on the thc/cbd ratio.

all-in-all, 70mg is a very high dose. if you ever go above 30 in one meal/go, you clearly don't know what you're doing, or you're someone who will never get a job because of how high you are all of the time.

if you want a no-bullshit answer, take 15mg, wait 4 hours, (yes, actually 4 full, real hours), take again if you did not get noticeably high, or if you did get high and it's not 85% gone.

this is a real, no-bullshit answer. messing around with dosages you don't understand WILL eventually result in a bad trip, and I promise you, it will be worse than you think, even if you think it's going to be really bad.

smart people only make the dosage mistake once in their life and then never again. really smart people never make it to begin with.

Why would you not use gummie dicks when you had the option?

Eat one and see. Don’t waste it

I wanna try some edibles what are some doses y’all would recommend


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I'm... 70 per piece?
... where did you get these? Colorado the serving size is 10mg, and the whole package is 100 mg. I dab every day and 100 mg will get me right dickered. I once ate a cookie that we later calculated had up to 500mg in it. I remember being awake for about 30 minutes after ingestion, and woke up 2 days later, very thirsty.

Ignore these retards. Eat 2, wait about 2 hours.

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