Good evening, you're watching Channel 4 news. Our top story tonight

Good evening, you're watching Channel 4 news. Our top story tonight...

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fag gets sucked off by fag then literally dies of prostate cancer

More at 11

the hell hole know as Australia is burning like it's no tomorrow and everyone is doomed to a firefly death

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Thanks Linda, tonight we're looking at temperatures in the mid -10's to low 20's so stay inside and watch that dirty kike loli porn you nigger loving cuck.

In other news, a local charity is handing out free lolis to the loliless.

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im gonna need that charity please

Breaking: a local man has attempted to take more than one loli and has been brutally beaten by two neckbeards

One of the neckbeards spoke of the ordeal with us, and this is what he had to say:
>you know I wouldn’t have really minded if he’d asked
>loli is love, loli is life as I say haha
>but he grabbed cirno
>cirno is my fucking waifu for laifu
Back to you, Tom

OP is still a faggot

OP is still a faggot

fuck oz

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On the Syrian front, it appears that former Army Ranger John Rambo has razed Aleppo.

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thank you Bill, now with the weather report

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that's mean

It looks like a group of pranksters have been dumping horse semen from the rooftops across the countries. Authorities are currently investigating, but for now, expect showers. The temperatures are going to be shriveled-sack freezing, so wear warm clothing. Christmas is almost here folks, which means burglaries are at their most frequent. Load your guns, hide your kids, and lock your doors. And have a happy holiday season.


also niggers

fucking niggers

The national nigger lynching festival will be held at each state’s capital on Sunday from 12am to 12am Monday.

The Grand Wizard estimates attendance to be the highest it's ever been

purge. im on board with that

Music will be provided by Daryl Davis.

Sounds like we’re all gonna have a swell time, Steve.

Oh where to start

Checking in with Russia..

It's still Russia.

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