Okay, let's give this a try and see what happens. I have been antifa for 30 years now...

Okay, let's give this a try and see what happens. I have been antifa for 30 years now. In the 80s I ran with ARA and helped them clear Hammerskins out of our parks with a pair of steeltoes. We'd wait for them outside their pubs until we could catch one of them alone as he staggered home drunk, then we'd jump him and put him in the hospital. Lather, rinse, repeat until they went away or learned to stop advertising they were Nazis.

I've been a community organizer since then, mostly doing advocacy work. I've organized a lot of protests and direct actions, set up a local copwatch program, and ran unsuccessfully for public office. I've set up two non-profit NGOs. I have hosted two different radio shows over the years, and I am professionally published.

Ask me anything, Sup Forums. I'm curious whether there's anyone here but Russian bots, middle school edgelords, and the sort of mouth-breathing Stormfront troglodytes I used to bootfuck with ARA.

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Why do you not understand what "fascist" means?

>until WE could catch ONE of them alone as he staggered home DRUNK, then we'd jump him and put him in the hospital.

How is like to be such a massive weak faggot?

First off congrats on the whole overactive imagination thing their boyo. 2ndly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if it’s naziism. If you did actually single out lone “ARA” members and beat them so bad they had to be hospitalized you deserve to be jailed and sodomized by Bubba Jed. Freedom of speech for all, not just those who you think should have it.

I know exactly what it means. In the classical Roman sense, it referred to the ideological system of governance in which the needs of the individual were subordinate to the State. The State's needs became the supreme importance, and life itself was considered inferior to it.

In the modern sense, as defined by Mussolini, fascism involves totalitarian control by the combined forces of the State and industry, a riff on traditional fascism in which "strength" is determined by the amount of money you possess, and your fitness to rule is a matter of social class rather than skill or muscle or intelligence.

It is in both cases literally anti-human, and those professing it should be beaten or killed.

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"Fight to win." One hears this a lot in the activist community, but not a lot of people understand its real meaning. It means that you do whatever it takes to win, without regard for "fairness" or law. The people we fight are sociopaths and psychopaths; they get what they want by playing on people's natural empathy. They regard the willingness to negotiate or compromise as weakness to be exploited. The only way to fight them is to use overwhelming force in whatever way is mose expedient. I fight to win. I never give a fair fight unless I can't help it.

And beating people to within an inch of their life for an ideology they hold is different how? Actions determine the man, not thoughts.

>it referred to the ideological system of governance in which the needs of the individual were subordinate to the State. The State's needs became the supreme importance, and life itself was considered inferior to it.
holy shit this sounds exactly like the USSR

What a fucking pussy
Not only you guys gang up like niggers on a single person, but also wait till they are drunk and can't fight well
Would love to beat the shit out of you

>It is in both cases literally anti-human, and those professing it should be beaten or killed.
do you understand that you have more in common with them than you might believe?

>We'd wait for them outside their pubs until we could catch one of them alone as he staggered home drunk
You're a coward.
Heil Hitler

Okay, learn to read. I ran with ARA. That's Anti-Racist Action. The people we were giving boot massages were Hammerskins. Nazis. As for "free speech," you need to read Popper's book The Free Society where he talks about the paradox of tolerance (see attached). If you permit intolerance, then tolerance will be destroyed. It cannot be allowed.

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dont take the bait pls
that part tho really gave it away

just reminder that politicfags are just as boring as pornfags on Sup Forums


>As for "free speech," you need to read Popper's book The Free Society where he talks about the paradox of tolerance (see attached)
all I need to read and follow is the US Constitution and abide by the rule of law.
your book holds no power over me or anyone else. you assault someone expressing their beliefs, albeit shitty beliefs, you're going to jail.

Who says the left can't meme? In case you can't figure it out, you're demonstrating the fallacy of false equivalence.

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u might b a kek

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I've been in antifa for 40 years. I punch Nazis. Pic related it's me. Also I only eat soy.
>orange man bad

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Authoritarianism is always the same. It doesn't matter whether it's left or right, it's always anti-human and must be smashed with utmost force.

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The fun thing is that deep down you don't give a shit about communism, nazism.
You guys just want an excuse to beat someone up, a reason to gang up on someone else just to feel superior, you don't care about the working class, you are just a violent mob that uses socialism to justify behaving like an animal
You really think that by beating people up outside a bar you do something? Because you don't, and do you guys really have that much free time that you just spend it stalking people to a bar? Get a fucking job

I thought ara was some shenanigan way of calling them aryan something something. Alphabet games have fucked with my head. Anywhoozle, I will defend the right of any human being to believe anything they want to from those who wish to force them to do otherwise. The second a racist acts out against someone they perceive as a lesser race, and I mean physically here, I am in the same boat as you. Is not so good. Up until that point though, you have no right to do anything to them, and doing anything to them should be met with equal or more force. In some areas overwhelming attackers can be considered a lethal threat and lethal force against them would be justified.

>a coward
Let's just say I'm a pragmatist. I do whatever is most effective at dissuading morons from promoting fascism. That usually involves the direct application of physical force, as swiftly and safely and unfairly as possible. Enjoy, Cletus.

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Rich family
>sexual orientation
>political views
Right wing

You guys are literally the same thing as nazis, hell you are even worse than modern nazis

Funny thing, I've only ever seen the inside of a prison once, and that was because I didn't listen to my instincts while I was doing a bit of nocturnal covert action. I knew something was wrong, but I chalked it up to nerves. But it turns out the cops had a plant in our organization and they were waiting for me with a surveillance team.

I beat the charge two years later on constitutional grounds.

You sure have wasted your life.

The nazis are a German political party from the 1940's. There are no nazis left. You're just assaulting people you disagree with unprovoked.
>b-but their opinions are ACTUALLY bad, and...
Yeah, fuck you. You're automatically worse by merit of being a terrorist.
Let me guess-you live just south of the Canadian border?

Anyone with morals doesn't like fascism, my problem with you guys is that most of you don't even know what a fascist is. Your organization has boiled down to beating up people who don't agree with you. Also, jumping people is gay.

Hey fucktard, cowboys weren’t until the 1860s. Settlers and the army killed the native Americans. Get it right retard.

Nice LARP faggot

I bet you're a PDX faggot aren't you? KYS nigger lover.

Do you genuinely feel you made a difference at all? Seeing the current state of the US populace.

small man syndrome

Oh, I believe this faggot. You'd be surprised how well-organized and widespread these groups are. Cops and institutions like universities even prop them up depending on the location.
Of course, 90% of them are edgy losers who only THINK they're revolutionaries while ultimately taking marching orders from men in suits.

This meme is pretty funny. You chuds say we're all weaklings and pink-haired snowflakes in one breath, and then cry bitter tears that we're super-mean terrorist villains in the next.

As it happens, my branch of ARA wouldn't admit anyone unless they could prove they could handle themselves in a fight by tracking down a bonehead and taking him on one-on-one. We had to be able to rely on each other to watch our backs in a scrap, which means you couldn't join unless you knew how to fight. I don't know whether that's changed, but when I joined ARA we were all experienced street scrappers.

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>>If you permit intolerance, then tolerance will be destroyed. It cannot be allowed.

So you don't tolerate intolerance... jesus fuck you're stupid.

>those professing it should be beaten or killed
I've always wondered about antifa's blind spot with this. The idea of laying in wait or actively seeking out people that disagree with you so you can harm or terrorize them into silence is absolutely core to fascism.

Do you understand that hurting people because you've decided that they are a non-person actually is morally inferior to engaging them in debate? I feel like you and others like you genuinely can't see that. I always feel weird about having to tell 'adults' that beating a drunk man to an inch of his life is wrong, but here we are.

What precedent does your meme hold? I know it references Nazis, but that's not how Nazis got in control. When has a completely tolerant society A- existed, and B- turned into an intolerant one because the populous abandoned a common moral and whimsically changed their minds due to some charasmatic leader or some event?
Or is the meme based more on stirring shit around in a toilet and reading it like tea leaves rather than based on real life. Because so far the equivalent counter argument is "no it doesn't".

Also why are you against a populous doing what they want? Do you hate democracy?

pic related.
it's you.

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>I do whatever is most effective at dissuading morons from promoting fascism.
But you're losing, Juden.

Actually, we managed to drive the Hammerskins right out of our city. They had been hanging around in the parks, beating up gay men. They threw one gay man off a bridge to his death. Our little campaign to give boneheads a tour of emerg worked great.

And incidentally, I'm not a red. I don't trust trots and tankies any more than I do boneheads.

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I'll take shit that didn't happen for 100

I know for a fact you've never been in a 1 on 1. You made that shit up because you know that ganging up on people is a pussy move and you wanted to say "well actually it was part of my super cool gang initiation to win a 1 on 1 fight with a real life nazi I'm actually super tough"

What's your opinion on jews

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You can believe anything you want in the privacy of your head. The second you identify as a fascist, I will apply boot liberally until cured.

Attached: GoodNightAltRight.jpg (748x729, 85K)

>You chuds say we're all weaklings and pink-haired snowflakes in one breath, and then cry bitter tears that we're super-mean terrorist villains in the next
You are weak, and you are dangerous. You're legit enough to have moles, hackers, and an illegal supply line for things like firearms and information, but you're also incredibly incompetent and physically frail.
You recruit mentally-damaged edgelords from colleges by giving them a false sense of power. You make nobodies feel like they're somebody in order to fill your ranks. But the fact remains that you're all nobodies.
Stupid can still kill you, but stupid is stupid.

I guess you are just a proto racist, because soon enough muslims, due to their religion, will be seen as "fascists" because they do not tolerate anyone that does not have islam as their religion and only law.

So you solution is to just beat them up because they are brown? That's all I needed to know.

thats understandable.... IN A 1 ON 1 FIGHT, pathetic mob mentality, you're the exact same as what you are fighting.

Are you against the survival and propagation of the white race even when dissociated from fascism or an overly repressive state?

Yet you kept looking for people to beat up because you couldn't feel satisfied

And the LARP got LARPier. Got die in a ditch fag.

Attached: B14B82BF-4B88-4E6C-B0FB-AE160688C612.jpg (233x216, 8K)

Doesn't using fear and violence to suppress people you don't agree with make you a fascist?

>being a terrorist
But I thought we were all skinny, pink-haired soy boys, Cletus. I mean, we're so weak and effete that we're no threat to anyone. Isn't that what y'all like to claim?

Attached: 1437275265305.jpg (640x511, 68K)

>I will apply boot liberally until cured.
You sound like a woman

You are weak as individuals but anyone can be dangerous when they gang up on people in an alley. You've never been in a 1 on 1

>I love to choke on cock

You know, I read a book once that contained a similar image. A boot stamping on a human head. That, and thoughtcrime.

You're weak and a threat. See:

Terrorism in not related with how pathetic the terrorist may be

Ok boomer

>that pic
Holy fucking fuck. The bald guy on the left looks like the bald guy on the right. It's all over. Nazis BTFO forever.

Holy fucking fuck.


The simple fact is, when the black species dies out, the world will be better because of it. Worldwide poverty and crime rates will drop drastically, as the third world shithole that is the continent of Africa, is left free of the disease that so plagues it. May be hard for retards to comprehend, but once their genetically weak asses die off, the strong human races will colonize the newly freed african lands. It'll be like the paradise that South Africa almost was.
Race mixing will destroy modern society, sending us all back to the stone age. Any man who enjoys cuck shit, deserves to die without ever breeding. Let the niggers and cucks die off together. Whites, Asians, and Middle Easterns should all join forces to make sure the black species is purged from the world.
I love myself, and my people quite a bit. I love humanity. Niggers are humans, to some degree, genetically. But they never made the mental leap, that the Asians, the Middle Easterns, and the Whites did. There's a reason that African countries are dirt poor, and are constantly at war with each other. They're primitive. They can't be fully blamed for nature not letting them evolve, and for that, I pity them.

The people I gave a golden ticket to the ER wore boots-and-braces and were covered in swastika tattoos. If they weren't Nazis, then I solemnly apologize to all the cosplayers I've bootfucked.

Attached: CureForFascism.jpg (480x878, 30K)

Wrong board go to Sup Forums faggot

Rose City are good people doing good work. Not with them, but I support their efforts.

Attached: 2A2Y03.png (500x364, 221K)

>real life picture depicting antifa in the wild
>cartoon depicting how antifa views of the world are all in their head


*tips fedora*

Don't give a fuck about boot stomping actual nazis, would've been cooler if you did it on your own but whatever. I'm mainly referring to your organization as a whole. The vast majority of you just beat up people with differing opinions.

In the grand scheme of things? No. But I don't worry about the world, I let the world take care of itself. I take care of my community, and here I *have* made a difference. The boneheads I drove out of the city here were beating up gay men in the parks and murdered one gay man by throwing him off a bridge. And through all the decades of my advocacy, I've had an enormous effect on many individual lives. That's enough for me.

Attached: nationalism.jpg (480x324, 35K)

Fuck off commie, go jerk off to traps and let us be.
Unlike antifa, we're welcome to others expressing their different opinions because we believe free speech works both ways, and a random board has no limits on topics.
This isn't Sup Forums - Everything Else

Yep. We're everywhere. Not everyone announces their opposition to fascism openly. That's why you should think twice before you profess your fascism; we cover a lot of turf, and you most assuredly are *not* safe to express your fascism.

Attached: FuckYouAll.jpg (400x405, 35K)

>AntiFa since the 80s
imagine being a permanent man child brainwashed by music lyrics of your favorite kiddie rebel singers and doing nothing with your life
Everything you mentioned here is top level cringe
anyone born after the release of the technology that created PS1 has not experienced any real racism.
>Cop Watch
Obey the law and you won't have to worry about them smokey bears

You really are pathetic

Also Saged

Attached: OPIsAFaggot.jpg (261x184, 23K)

Gotta love how left is just murdering people
While right is showing people having a a decent life buying food

Rose City Skins are Nazis you fucking retard.

alright man, if you did this shit in the 80s then good on you. the city i live in used to have a serious problem with the "bad" skinheads in the late 80s-early 90s and they were drove out by the ARA through violence.
but, to be honest, it got pretty bad with fucking niggers and junkies after that. not sure which is worse.


You're a spoiled brat at heart. Just a vicious and evil person with a propensity for tyranny, an infantile sense of right and wrong, and a lust for violence, but weak and cowardly. So you picked the one outlet for your evil that would allow you to cast yourself as some kind of PC hero. You allied yourself with other, similar cowards.

There are no nazis left in existence. The National Socialist German Workers Party does not exist anymore.
No matter how much somebody dislikes the imagery, the fact remains that skinheads with swastika tattoos aren't actively holocausting people or waging war. It would be okay to assault an enemy soldier or a mass-murderer on sight. It is not okay to assault people you just dislike. ANTIFA pretends that being a neo-nazi has the same moral weight as being an actual Nazi and deserves the same treatment. It doesn't.

You faggots are soft because the institutions support you. You're too cowardly to fight anywhere except from the shadows, and you've never actually had to work in the shadows.
Believe me, I know all about you losers.

Agreed, but back it up with facts n stuff next time

Attached: SA aid.jpg (900x1998, 788K)

>Clear Out Hammer Skins

You imagined You were living the lyrics of a popular punk song by some local band no one ever heard about then You Live Action Role Played with you edge lord friends. Afterwards you did nothing with our lives and continue to vote for bernie sanders well into our 40s while fighting fascism by not purchasing McDonalds
Pic Related
Also saged

Attached: RealRockers.jpg (720x720, 78K)

Attached: 1453354574616.gif (1166x875, 212K)

But carried to its conclusion this philosophy demands anarchy and justifies all violence. By your thread you proclaim your intolerance. Since intolerance should not be allowed and should be stamped out with violence, by your own argument you should be brutally beaten and you yourself should agree its justified. The trouble with people like you is you belief you are the only ones who have a say as to what intolerance is allowable.

Just bullies. Literally just dickhead bullies.

>I have been antifa for 30 years now.
So for 30 years you tolerated the presence of communists when they're a greater threat to humanity and you want a cookie for being against nazism.

Listen here: The primary reason why nazism is a problem is the genocide. The primary reason why communism is a problem is the genocide. Even if the stack of corpses were equal on both sides of this, there is no excuse to tolerate communists over nazis, they both should be opposed. However the stack of corpses are not equal. Communists are responsible for far more unwarranted deaths. They out hitlered hitler. And yet you tolerate their presence over nazis.

Go fuck yourself.

If nazis deserve to be punched on sight, communists deserve to be beaten within an inch of their lives on sight.

I'm not a nazi, I don't think people are inferior to me just because of how they look, and I don't like it when people say things like that. That being said, you and people like you terrify me. I have trouble seeing the difference between a skinhead neonazi trying to kill me because I voted for the wrong person and a black clad antifa trying to kill me because I voted for the wrong person. I get it, nazis genocided people and antifa didn't, but seriously, I'm still afraid of you both. And I know I'm not the only one who is silent and afraid about this, and even though you might feel some twisted sense of pride about how you are Batman or something and that our fear will keep everyone behaving and the nazis away, I think it is very dangerous for our society.

Excuse me, but those "boneheads" were taking care of their community, and surely had made a difference. They've had enormous effects on people's lives, and I'm sure that was enough for them.

They're allowed to be gay in their heads all they want. We only apply the boot once their faggotry goes public.

Explain your ideology.

I hurt people because they profess an ideology which advocates for violence against minorities, the disabled, the poor, and basically anyone except cis-gendered straight white men. Their ideology hurts people. I hurt them back. No apologies, no remorse.

Attached: 1458918501783.jpg (599x405, 71K)

There's a group that does whatever it takes to ensure their beliefs are fulfilled. This enrages me so I adopt their methods and am clearly on the higher path.

So how does it feel to be a race traitor whore and prefer some filthy niggers and muslims over your own white race? Or maybe you're just a nigger youlself? And yeah, fuck you and fuck your whore of a mother.

>I attack people who I think are part of my made up strawman group
You're in a cult. Seek help.

Yes from your thread most of the people posting believe you are nothing but a dickhead bully. Really all a matter of perspective isn't it? So again according to your Popper argument beating the crap out of you would be justified because of your admitted intolerance.

That is indeed how Nazis got control. It's how the Bolsheviks got control too, actually. People are only ruled when they allow themselves to be ruled. I aim to prevent the option of allowing people to choose to be ruled by authoritarians and totalitarians. That generally requires the judicious use of violence, and that's okay by me.

I do recognize the irony. In the kind of community I want to create, people like me will not be, and SHOULD not be, permitted. But until that day comes, I'll keep right on punching Nazis so that there will one day be a society so free and so well-protected that I'm no longer needed.

Attached: Pepenonymous.jpg (579x570, 68K)

Would you find it ironic if anyone "hurt you back"

The only answer is to kill nazis and antifa both

Specially after this thread

I don't have power over the world. The world is gonna do what the world does. Fashies gonna fash. But I do have power over the space my fists and boots can reach, and so I use them to do whatever is needful to suppress fascism. Fashies don't like that. Imagine how little I care what fashies and fashsymps like.

Attached: It'sHappening.gif (1221x850, 425K)

>Attacking people for wearing an American flag on their shirt

Wow, way to fight Fascism.

Extreme LARP or extreme mental illness

God damn I'm feeling like beating a faggot just to make your efforts a little more unnoticeable

the VAST majority of the deaths of jews in ww2 were from allied bombs and typhus. jews were rounded up because they HAD ATTEMPTED TO START A CIVAL WAR IN GERMANY. no one ever talks about this.
do you think an entire nation of people just were suddenly ok with all the jews being rounded up and put on trains just because there "charismatic" leader said "JEW BAD!"? no, the entire nation had experienced their manipulation and were A fucking OK with them being kicked out.

Just going to gloss over your logical fallacy then? Popper justifies your actions against others but can't be used to justify violence against you? Is that how it works?