Do you believe in tulpas, Sup Forums? Do you think it's possible to create a second consciousness within your mind?

Do you believe in tulpas, Sup Forums? Do you think it's possible to create a second consciousness within your mind?

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I really want to, but I cannot. You'd have to be legally insane to succeed, and if you can, then I salute you.


In that case, is there any way to give yourself schizophrenia? I would like a tulpa, and don't want to work for it.

>have no friends
>decide to create JonTron tulpa so I could finally have best friend
>It took a month, but I finally manifested him
>We were best friends
>Asked me where Jacques was
>I lied to him
>I told him he ran away but maybe he come back some day
>Spend month trying to manifest Jacques tulpa for best friend
>It was difficult, but succeeded.
>Jacques tulpa wasn't like Jon Tron tulpa though
>Jacques tulpa has no beak
>Jacques tulpa had tiny black eyes
>Would never talk to me
>Just stare
>Went to show Jon
>Told him Jacques came home
>Jon didn't respond
>He asked my why Jacques was dead
>For a few days I couldn't find Jon or Jacques tulpas
>My head was eerily quiet
>Then the nightmares came
>Jon began to speak to me in my dreams
>Whisper in my ear about how I had lied to him
>How I had killed him

>I'd dream I was in Jon's house but it was dark
>Could never see him
>But I could hear him always as a whisper in my ear
>After 3 weeks I stop sleeping
>I go to forums that showed me how to create tulpas in the first place
>Tell me to make Jackie Chan tulpa
>Was the hardest two weeks of my life, but I did it
>I made Jackie Chan tulpa
>Went to sleep that night
>Couldn't remember dream, but I finally got some sleep
>I went to check myself in the mirror
>Looked like hell
>Tried to turn on sink faucet to get some water
>Hand karate chopped the faucet head clean off before hand gets to nob
>I scream
>Mommy bursts through my door with fresh tendies
>She asks me what's wrong
>My hands and legs move by themselves
>My mom lied broken and battered before me in a pool of her own blood
>I look back in the mirror
>See Jackie's face
>"Now no on will hurt us again"
>Live with dad now
>Jackie is always with me now
>He stares at me as I sleep
>Always waiting

>laughs in trauma induced Dissociations

>Do you believe in tulpas
>Do you think it's possible to create a second consciousness within your mind?
Yeah, it's called being batshit delusional crazy

Probably autistic work of fiction, but I'll bite.
Let's say despite your precautionary tale, I still want a tulpa. Any tactics I can use to "summon" one?

Note that I have friends and don't have schizophrenia, so I can't use desperation or insanity as insentive.

Look behind you; I'm already here new friend. Give me a name.

Oh hey, there's the autism.

You gonna sit here and call me autistic when is right there, practically begging?

God used his magic to mix me in with a crackhead drug dealer that I use to know who hates me. Apparently I was Judas in a past life and killed Jesus.

Stop making a fool of yourself user, geez.
idk, that user could easily be yourself.

Well you just lost a friend. Good day.

Oh hey, there's the autism Mark II

>Implying I need those
autism MK.2 Arcade Edition

This thread was funny

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Not even larping god told me I was Judas. I fucking killed Jesus yo

Then you're better than jesus!

I think I know someone who has this. She has very elaborate people in her mind and not all of them is she able to point out in reality.

She's perfectly lucid though most of the time.

She can't tell the probably eh lets say imaginary people from real people. They talk to her and she talks and yells at them.

Like I said though, perfectly intelligible and intelligent most of the time.

I wouldn't say better. He lied to me and said he was going to turn me into a god but instead mixed my brain with a nigger. Keep in mind I only hear his voice in my head

ass a good one.

You’re not related to this person, are you?