Lets start an incest thread

Lets start an incest thread.
Pics or stories

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I've fucked 2 of my cousins..
1 I was in a relationship with, the other was just one time..

>OP is lying in bed asleep.
>In walks his father.
>Rips off his pyjama bottoms.
>Pushes vaseline into his anus with his index finger.
>Greases him good.
>Rams his hard cock into his ass
>Cums almost immediately.
>OP lies in bed crying, blood and cum dribbling from his anus.
>Ten years later. Starts incest threads daily.

How'd that happen?

I've finger banged my sister on multiple occasions

It was my birthday and I got one of them so drunk that she thought I was her boyfriend and we banged in the bedroom. I took a few pics and left.

Why not fuck her?

I fuck with my dad.
for more.. my kik is Heyjo88
but please only germans. My english is not good

Post pics

How old was she? Was it consensual? Who started it? Can you greentext it?

Never got far enough

I burried my dick in my sister and it's stuck inside her don't know what to do

This was in like 2008. Phone cameras weren't what they are now. My car got broken into a few months later and my phone was stolen anyway. Unfortunately I lost them.

I fucked a cousin years ago after a wedding in London, England. We were both drunk, got tired of trying to be social and went back to my hotel room to just get away from the other people. Ended up riding her twice that night, came in her both times. Have talked to her a handful of times over the last decade or so, but haven't hung out again since. She was 17 at the time, I was 19. Both in our late 20s now.

Greentext it please

Are you male or female?

Does she hold it against you? Do either of you have regrets?

Does anybody have the greentext of user and his firefighter sister ? I remember that they were fucking once in the fire dept. building during a party. She also got intentionnally pregnant. They end up moving togheter.

That shit was fire, but i can't find it anymore.

Used to eat my sisters pussy when we were younger. Started off just being curious then she started liking it too and was soon coming to my room at night or sleeping near me on the couch so I’d eat her out. Stories if anyone’s interested

Do you even have to ask

Share them

I don't think so, on either count. She lives in England, I live in Canada..we've never been in the same place at the same time since then. Whenever we DO talk though, its totally normal, just playing catch up and explaining what's going on in our lives, that sort of thing. It's never been awkward or weird at all. So no, I don't think she regrets it or has a grudge going on.

Forgot to add that no, I have zero regret. It was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would do it again in a heartbeat if I had a chance

I've greentexted it before, here's Screenshots.

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Lil sisters ass

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posted mine a while back

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Hell yeah brother

Damn that's a nice ass. Anything else?

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Ever try anything with her?

More and how’d you get this?

Kik me at TheBatBoy2132 for more about her

When I was 16-17 and my sister was ~21 we started having a sexual relationship. Growing up we masturbated together and experimented, but this was an actual passionate affair we began after my parents split (we're technically half siblings, her dad had her from a previous marriage before marrying my mom and having me).

I remember one of my favorite times was when I tried to go down on her one night and she went underneath the blanket. That was her way of telling me no. The next day I saw she left tampon wrappers in the bathroom trash can and realized she was on her period. A few days later I’m watching tv and she randomly comes into the room and lays down with a blanket. Within 20 minutes she was pretending to be asleep and I was underneath the blanket. She was super wet and I remember her pushing down on my face and holding my head between her legs.

Another good time was when we were at my cousins house for a birthday party. Everyone was outside playing and she went in to go to the bathroom or something. I was by the garage and saw her going inside so I said I was getting some water. We snuck into the basement and I remember her pulling her pants down and bending over. I just stuck my face in there and licked her she was so wet. We were really horny so just hurried up and I licked her and she sucked me. I remember how bad she was at head but it felt so good just having it her mouth while she played with it with her tongue... good fucking times

It seems a lot less awesome secretly dating your 1st cousin when half a board claims to fuck their cousins/sisters. I wasn't and am still not even into the whole incest craze that's been exploding. It ACTUALLY felt like a genuine "so wrong but so right" thing. She wasn't the best sex I ever had (still super good though) or some fantasy mountain I had the pleasure of climbing. We were just always really close and happened to go through two different difficult events at the same time and we just fell for each other while helping each other through those times.